Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I hate this feeling....

what would you do if you wake up every freakin' 4am in the morning and can't sleep again after that? Sign of paranoia perhaps?

or despair?

or agony?

or hatred?

or missing someone?

or maybe just maybe,

a lose gear on my internal body clock?

and the answer is....

i don't know either.....


Monday, May 30, 2005

all about weddings

wedding vows, wedding songs and all that wedding crap...

i hate it...

coz it makes me want to cry.... (too much mushiness... hehhehe)

Let me tell you this one garden wedding occasion. The orchestra did there thing signaling the start of the wedding. Along came the entourage with the groom, the sponsors, ring bearer (well you get the point). Change of music to, guess what? Pachelbel Canon! And as the bride slowly walks the aisle, it rained, as in the rain literally poured hard. (could you imagine the drama in the scenario.)

The groom rushed quickly to her bride and they made cover to the nearest gazebo. Well the groom was still all smiles like no one/thing could ruin their day. They both walk to the reception area hand in hand and continued the wedding.

After the entourage, next was the thanks speech for their parents. The one time I think in their entire life where they can thank their parents in public. It was nice, the guy looked like he wanted to cry. Makes me wonder what I would say when it was my turn. Well I guess I would do it impromptu.

A little bit forward came the wedding vow. This is it, the moment, the life changing, once in a life time (well for others it was twice, thrice) vow of love and devotion. This is where the mushiness really begins. In all the Christian weddings i've been, I always see tears from the groom. Well for the bride I think it was given that she would cry but for the groom I always get surprised. Because of love perhaps?

It was amusing, it was freakingly unreal, it was real.

Hehehe there was this other wedding occasion
after the wedding while shooting the grooms family (I get to shoot them but they don't die! [Corny]), the groom's father was irate for some reason and said to us, me directly "Bilis, bilisan nyo nga dyan kapag di maganda kuha ko dyan, Di ko kayo babayaran!" I almost blew my cool that day and wanted to walk out. Thankfully after counting to ten and because of business ethics, walked out, I not (Yoda grammar); instead I just retorted "Bossing wala na po tayo magagawa sa mukha nyo." I really wasn't in the mood thereafter. Thankfully I still manage to take some decent photos.

After the reception the father of the groom did a disappearing act because of the additional bill in the restaurant. I think only here in the Philippines you could find wedding receptions like friendsters, up to 3rd degree
(or more) friends could come at the reception. Note: At the reception only and not at the wedding ceremony.

And oh yeah, this was one of those pikot weddings.

I'm not an expert on weddings but from the different weddings i've been to, I just notice something. Every bride looks prettiest on that day. Don't ask me why, I don't know either.

Recently my VRS( Visual Recognition System) is running haywire. Maybe I'll elaborate more on this on my suceeding post, then again, maybe not.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Let the post begin....

I really don't have anything to say but jeez been moving from one journal to another, really really shows that it's hard to convince myself to be contented.

Anyways today i'm resizing some photos and i'll post them tomorrow with a certain... ehem.. topic. [Photo not entirely related with the topic though] I really really want to be in the mood right now but woke up with a very very nasty headache. Thinking again of someone I wish to forget... nah... just thinking of someone... err... I mean just thinking.. period.

So Mr. Blogger.com I hope this would be the beginning of a very good blogging relationship.

For now i bid adieu...

Enter my world