Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

Today was one of the happiest Christmas because for the first time we didn't slept our noche buena till Christmas dawn.

Previous Christmas eves, we arrive at QC before midnight and then sleep right after unloading everything out of the car but today was different.. ^___^

I also received from my Mushy a toolbox which i badly needed for my room organization training. This is our first Christmas and i know, won't be our last.

Off to work... :))

Happy Christmas!!!

Monday, November 20, 2006


lol, it's been more than a month since my last update!!!

Let's see.. I need to do a seperate posts of the following stuffs:

1. My birthday! especially the gifts that i've received from Mushy. |hug|

2. Assembled a new video editing rig for my erpats, my semi-dream machine. Specs to follow.

3. work (scrap that) Soccer! Finally i've made use of my almost a year old never been used soccer shoes!!! And I made several goals!!!

After itemizing what i've missed posting since, I can either say that I have no life, or I easily forget and really need to write things ASAP less they go down oblivion which is my brain...

Friday, October 06, 2006

ang buhay pagkatapos ng bagyo

minsan sa ating buhay may mga dumadating na bagyo...

mga bagyong hindi kayang pigilan..

pero maaring paghandaan...

ngunit may mga pagkakataon na kahit anong paghahanda ay makakalusot pa rin ito...

magdudulot pa rin ng pinsala, ng kapahamakan, ng brownout...


nakakawalang pag-asang dilim...

ngunit dahil sa dilim nagmumukhang maliwanag kahit na katiting na liwanag...


nakakapagbigay pag-asang liwanag...

Saturday, September 23, 2006

trigger happy penguin is now online

sa wakas nagkaroon na rin ako ng dsl!!! woohoo! after some very comprehensive research looking for the fastest DSL provider which is Globe DSL I've finally subscribed to PLDT DSL!! nyaaah!!

Unfortunately Globe DSL is not available in our area so I had to settle with PLDT which so far is not bad.

The modem that PLDT provided was just a regular modem with no switch capability meaning I won't be able to share myDSL connection, no pun intended. Good thing I've bought a wifi router for only $15, which was really a bargain. So after mingling with the DSL modem I decided it's now time to connect the wifi router. So I plugged it in the outlet, the wifi router power LED blinked... blinked... blinked... and then the router was off again. So I was thinking what went wrong then I realized that gadgets in the States was usually autovolt or 110v. And from the way things went, my router wasn't autovolt. huhuhuhuuhu :((

Good thing that usually when plugging adapters with wrong power input, it's the adaptor that takes the toll and so my router was still working after spending for a new adaptor. yey!!!

so that's it for now. Next post will be some photos of my pamana speakers. ^___^

Thursday, September 21, 2006


now i really have to update my blog. bwahahahaha...

in this parallel universe, even a blogger who doesn't post for almost 2 months can win the... tentenenen!


clap clap clap.

It seems that people find my life intruiging, inspiring, breath-taking, amazing or they just want me to update my blog. :))

Monday, September 11, 2006

i am the wicker man

and after watching this movie you to will be the weaker (wo)man too.
lintek ampanget!

Monday, July 31, 2006

da bow davao - saturday

waking up 30 minutes behind schedule, we had to haste things up in order to catch the boat to Pearl Farm. Returning to the main land port we had to wait for a while because there was only 1 'daungan' for us to go. We asked if the boat could just head straight to the port to Pearl farm,which was just some knots away, and the bankero (ano ba tawag sa driver ng bangka?) gladly obliged.

but lo and behold only 1 daungan was also available on that port so by the time we went back to the first port we now really had to rush things up. So after docking we ran to Cheche's car, which took a while because we carried a lot of stuffs and then after driving to the port to Pearl farm we had to stop to register and they took my pack of Cloud 9... huhuhuhuhuhu... because they don't allow people to bring food to Pearl farm.

Actually the first two paragraphs where there just so that I could rant about them taking my Cloud 9. Now on with the photos... bwehehehehe.... (which would yield 1000 words per photo from the formula of the band Bread with the song 'If')

yes we really did go to Pearl Farm...

and the girls were jumping with joy!

so with extreme fun under the sun...

even the shadows can't help smiling!

au was pretty much enjoying herself...

and me without a clue!

tulong tulong sa pagsulong

the end start...

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

da bow davao - friday

after some lite sleeping our destination was Chema's by the sea. The port to Chema's was way way better than what I was expecting.

the company @ the port to Chema's

after a 15 minute boat ride

Chema's at last

Chema's was very serene. Indeed if you were to stay in Davao for some decent R&R this would be the place to be.

after waiting...


and waiting...

our food finally came. They said that the delay was because they had to get the eggs from the main island. I would've complained more if the food wasn't great, good thing it was.

Halo halo Mais con Yelo (pala) ni Au na kuha ni Au.
Au has an eye for photography.
All she needs is her own SLRs. ^__^

after resting for a while... The beach at last!

I was really looking forward to a nice sunset but alas the clouds were not in my favor.

so after the whole afternoon dip we had some very tasty chicken, sisig and other non-diet helping dish.

then videoke till sleep finally caught us.


Sunday, July 16, 2006

da bow davao - thursday

it was the 6th of july, thursday. Straight from the office, we went to a domestic airport, having purchased Cebu Pacific Promo tickets for only Php10.00 (+tax), all of us were giddy. Our destination, davao.

the plane came 1hr later than expected, Cebu Pacific you failed me! Way back I think they had an ad about their planes being earlier than usual diverting from the Filipino maƱana habit.. Boo!

well after the wait we were seated at last and a few minutes, Mushy and I were napping... I woke up shortly after some turbulence and maybe because subconciously I felt that the snacks was being served.

After distributing all the snacks, the stewardess started some q&a games in which I won a tout bag! Cebu Pacific you've redeemed yourself! (Question: What was the name of the stewardess on the back of the plane. Answer: Lovely [It was purely coincidental that I read her name plate earlier before boarding... promise... and no.. I'm not guilty.])

2:45hrs later... Davao airport.
at last after more than 3 months of waiting we were in Davao at last. Cheche, a very friendly and hospitable friend (salamat sa free lodging at masarap na pagkain Chechers. ^___^) of Mushy was nice enough to tour us around Davao and also Gen San. (more on that later)

From the airport, we went straight to Jack's ridge. I too don't know Jack, but the overlooking was great!

after some more photo-taking from the group, which from here on we will call the company (para favorite na rin ni kitie) we went to Checher's apartment.

the company.

flaunting some booty or the lack of it. =P

After eating some sisig with mayo and repacking some stuffs for the next day we went to sleep.

Friday, June 23, 2006

penguin wear

suits me very well... thanks mush.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

tribute to dad

It's been a looo0ng while since my last post and what better way to start another stream of posts than to start with something meaningful.

Today is father's day and I forgot... hahahahahaha... Anyways forgeting father's day doesn't make me any less of a son. Earlier, I was just listening to my father preach about how being a father, one of their greatest achievements is to see their child eventually grow just the way they like it... just like them. (and maybe minus some of their quirks)

Well, I could consider dad as one of my first 'idulo'. Even though he's an undergrad he has managed to raise the family together with my mom. He is able to provide everything that we needed and most of what we wanted. (I think by now you should know the difference of needs and wants)

I don't really know what I should write...
Guess I'll just have to summarize it.

'Thank you Papa'

If i'm too corny please blame it on my father. wakokokoko

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

how charming

Quiz Me
topeng was
a Charming Butler
in a past life.

Discover your past lives @ Quiz Me

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

sounds like heaven

if ever a need arises for a well earned reward I really want to buy the Creative Audigy2 ZS Notebook for myself.It's a bad ass PCMCIA soundcard that I would greatly benefit in because I can now again plug my 5.1 speaker, the Logitech Z-640 (pictured above). Note: 5.1 Speakers requires 3 audio input ports to work and since laptops only have 1 audio input you could do the math.

Now if ever I did buy the Audigy2 ZS Notebook for myself then a THX certified speaker would be my next target. Now that would really heighten my entertainment system. Case in point: Logitech Z-5500... drool grabe... drool!!!

basic memories

I don't have anything to post so the geek inside me will just share some info about computer memories.

Tis a good read for the geek inside you.

clickity click.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

oh my sungay!

habang ako ay nakasakay ng fx papunta ng office ako'y matahimik na nagmumuni muni habang nakatingin sa labas ng bigla ko namataan ang isang kalabaw sa loob ng isang truck.

Duon napunta ang focus ng aking pagmumuni muni, habang tinitignan ko yung kalabaw, napansin ko ang mahahaba nyan sungay at naalala ko rin ang kanyang pinsan na toro.

Ginagamit ng toro ang kanyang sungay pansuwag para pandepensa nya sa mga masasamang loob.

E paano naman ang kalabaw? pabaliktad ang sungay nya? mas una tatama malamang lamang ang nuo nya kesa sa sungay... tsk

hindi ko na alam kung saan talaga nya ginagamit ang sungay nya. Pwede na sana pampabilis ng takbo dahil magiging less ang air resistance, ngunit hindi naman sya ganun kabilis tumakbo in the first place... tsk tsk...

Monday, May 08, 2006


I was so excited to go to my very first company outing held at Verde Islands in Batangas, after all this will be my 3rd, yep only 3rd, time to go to the beach and have some fun under the sun.

yung happy foot ko lang yung nagfufun under the sun... the rest under the shade na.

We had some team oriented contest which started off with a cheering competition. So my team practiced for about 1.5hrs and maybe because we were all exhausted from the trip to the island or the heat of the sun or the weeks work or... uhmmm.. i'm out of excuses... hehehehe.. so because of unknown reasons our cheer sounded more like a chant taken from a Gregorian chant CD backmasked then recomposed with a 32bit bitrate. In layman's term we made it 5th in a 5 team competition.

After the chant thingie we did a human bingo wherein if you were the first to answer correctly in the game expect to sit your ass off for the rest of the game.... hehehehehehe.. my part here is to peel of butong pakwan with my teeth and the seed must remain unscathed. I blame my teeth for being too sharp for this event. Sad to say, I never had the chance to sit my ass off in the heat of the summer sun just like the rest of my team mates.


Next follows a sort of amazing race game wherein we ran to and fro the island to our exhaustion. We were supposedly second place but due to technicalities we were awarded first! Hurrah for us! So overall we were last... wakokokokoko... and we couldn't have been more happier. ^____^

dito ka na sa Suman

pagkatapos ng grabe sa nakakapagod na mga laro naisipan ko na mahiga sa silong ng aming nirentahang kubo dahil mayroon nakasabit na hammock para sa isang hamak na katulad ko. Mas sumarap ang simoy ng hangin nuong dumating ang isang taong itago na lang natin sa pangalang muning. Tinamad na kami magpahinga dahil sinipag na kami ni itago nalang natin sa pangalang muning na kumain. Sa kasamaang palad medyo nahuli ang dating namin kaya kumain na lang kami ng pasta na kailangan ata samahan ng tubig alat para magkalasa man lang. Ngayon lang ako kumain ng pasta na mabagal bago ko naubos... (basahin ulit... nagjoke ako... wakokoko)


pagkatapos ay nagswimming na kami sa swimming pool... ang only highlight lang dito ay lumutang na rin ako sa wakas...

after the dip we had several shots of fundador and then went to sleep.


bet some of you know the reason behind au's smug... wakokokoko

the following morning or to be more precise, after 4hrs, I woke up with no hang-over... the money in teh brandy was well worth it... after eating breakfast and a little rest we went banana boating. The experience made me realize that I really need to learn how to swim. FYI I didn't drown or anything but I was moving uber slowly... huhuhuhu... so much for my penguin feet.



If you've noticed, I don't have much photos in this post. I don't know why.... hehehehehe... but I will sure make up for it in the next events to come...

hulaan kung nasaan ako?
I'm keeping a low profile.

Friday, April 28, 2006

bit in

every bit in the byte puts a simmer in the spice
and every bit in the boolean adds more to the fun
but tis still not good cause bit in is bit in still.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

sa ngalan ng pangalan

tagged by Ning and Auring

What is your username?

Write a little paragraph about your username, why you chose it, what it means to you, etc.

7op3n6 para kunwari t3h l447... you know para 0wn1ng and all your bases are belong to us. (Uber geeky ang makaintindi nito)

What would you change your name to, if you were changing it?


Why that?

para gnepot productions naman. Producer of the self proclaimed legendary Repuela scandals and cielo series... wakokokokoko

What is your favorite username?

kunwari mga anak ko sila dapat walang favoritism


Why not?

Now, tag five other unfortunates whose usernames you would like to hear about.






Friday, April 14, 2006

the penguin returns

It's been a long time since my last post because I don't want my posts to overlap and I still don't know how I will write my adventure or rather misadventure in my trip going back home from tucson. Well I guess I need to start somewhere, so here goes...

the reason
I was notified that I need to go back home immediately because my I-94 card expired, it's the one where the immigration puts up to when you could stay in their country. At first I didn't know what to think because I had lots of plans in my mind (especially the one where I start doing exercises again to lose weight... darn chocolates... darn snickers...) to do this April but after contemplating and then some more contemplating I realized that it would be better to leave than to stay and risk myself being blocklisted in the states. So after two days I was as good as gone.

I've been to Las Vegas!!!
Airport nga lang
the flight from Tucson to Vegas was pretty much uneventfully I just read a book till we landed to Vegas. Because my next connecting flight to San Francisco would be more than five hours I was required to check-in again my luggages. So After getting my luggages from the whatchamacallit luggage drop-off point I was struck dumb on where to check out my luggages, btw they are both around 45-50lbs each plus 17-19lbs of hand carry bags, and lessen my load. So I was standing for around 20mins til I decided that I really should get going. I asked the info boot h on where the check-in counters are and then needed to lug around my luggage across a street and I really could feel that I was way out of shape.

After waiting in a long line I was informed that I can't check-in my bags for another 1hour, so I just sat on some corner near the counter so I could easily go back there. I tried reading but wasn't able to concentrate that much because I heard some grumbling sound in my midsection which went on till I was able to check-in my luggages.. wheeew...

is there such a word?
I was off to tour myself inside the Vegas airport and buy some snacks in the process. I bought a 1L bottle of water instead of the 500mL one because I know I would be needing a lot of fluids while strolling around and a chicken bacon wrap and also Allan's Dr. Pepper request. After eating and looking around for possible pasalubongs and found none or rather realized I really am kuripot so I just decided to go to the waiting lounge of the gate I was assigned to.

Kapkapan blues and the case of the missing Dr.
Before I could enter the lounge area I was entitled a free body inspection because I don't look american enough... este.. I don't look american, period. So after the routinary body inspection one of them asked why I had two laptops in which I promptly replied that the first one is for business and the other one for pleasure.

Moving on to find the right seat where I could waste around 4hours I realized that I was missing a plastic bag with Allan's request of Dr. Pepper and my 1Liter bottled water. So I concentrated and a series of forced flashbacks went into my head. I left the plastic bag inside the CR just before entering the gate for inspection. So I guess I need to say goodbye to my boomerang pasalubong from Allan.. huhuhuhuhu... T_T

to Sunny Californyaaay kapagod
So after some reading and a little shut eye and some reading still I was now in a plane to California airport. Thank God I don't need to carry my luggages anymore because it would go straight to my plane to Manila. All I need to do now is to carry my 2 hand carry (some pun intended) and myself to the ticketing counter for some verification stuffs. Let's just say that my supposed short walk to the counter went into a full tour around the airport which I could say was roughly more than an hour because I was like carrying heavy loads around 17-19lbs each. All of this happened because I went into a long turn. What was supposed to be a simple left-right turn from the entry gate became a series of left-left-right-right-up-down-up-down-and-i-don't-really-remember-turns.

because of that series of unfortunate turns I had little energy left to roam around the airport so instead I tried to wardrive myself for a wifi hotspot which wasn't successful because no free wifi could be found. I was planning to chat my way through the hours but again my plans went fruitless.

mga kababayan ko at ang paguwi sa bayan ko
as i was one of the early birds for the Philippine bound flight I saw little by little that almost all of my travelmates, or whatever you call them, are Filipinos. I also saw a child version of her and the semblance was so uncanny... naaliw lang ako... I would have took her picture to post it here but I don't want to risk them thinking that I'm a perv or pido or something... hehehehhee...

inside the plane I again unfortunately was seated in a chair with problematic A/V system. Last time on my flight to Tucson I had a defective LCD and this time around ,so destiny could balance things up, I had a defective control panel leading to no sound in my headphones. Arrrgh!!

So I just finished reading all the remaining stories in the book and then had small chats with a nun that had 2 divorces and another balikbayan who starts his sentence with 'hey men' or 'ye men' or 'men'.

Home at last
So after 30hours of travel I finally made it home around 4:30 in the morning. I really could feel that I'm already in the Philippines because I was sweating like a pig the moment the plane entered the Philippine Area of Responsibility. bwehehehhe

Anways, everything went well in the end and then I had a very wonderful evening...

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

homeward bound

a post of gratitude to our dear Lord who has given me this wonderful opportunity to go out of the country. Truly I thank God for all the things He has done for me this past few months. A lot of my long term goals became short term goals in just the span of three months. (San ka pa!)

But beyond the material blessings He has given me the right experience and also the chance to prove to myself that I do have the capacity to work outside my mother country. Who knows where I would be next? God does.

Truly, God answer prayers.

Monday, March 20, 2006


relax... calm down... no... i just can't! But I must!

Being level headed is the key to most successes. Well pressure is ok to keep your adrenaline level up but being level headed gives you more control of you and your surroundings more than you think. >>>

Well actually I'm just trying to rationalize myself because I'm about to explode if I couldn't still figure how the heck I would solve this... darn...

1...2...3... goosfraba....

*** added a song to my Penguin.Radio entitled "I feel pretty" from anger management. This song reminds me of a certain special someone .

Friday, March 17, 2006

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

mobile videocard benchmark

here's a site for those laptop gamers who want to know the performance of their laptop videocard against all other laptop videocards.


mine is the radeon X700 which, as of now, is a good mid-end card.

**but thanks to moore's law it will be a good low-end card in no time.... darn...

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

geek awakening

even in the early days a lot of my friends considered me as a computer expert. Able to troubleshoot anything a computer could throw at me. May it be a simple tweaking here and there or the dreaded BSOD, I would conquer.

But what a lot of them doesn't know is that I wouldn't have known even half of those things if I hadn't experienced or rather created them myself. Bwehehehehe...

My first computer assembly was initiated by my first computer disassembly. It all started with an itch to look at what's inside my computer. So even without any real prior knowledge to pc hardware assembly I went straight to disassembling the desktop pc my lola gave to us, her apos. With luck and shear determination I somehow reassembled it as it should have been and the only aftermath is a super dirty room that could have been thought of as a mine field of screws.

That first computer assembly experience magnified my craving for anything about computers. I was now thinking of upgrading my computer
or rather an almost total system overhaul. But due to lack of financial means I tried different money making schemes (racket kung baga) which was fruitful to the extent that i was able to buy the necessary parts that I would need for the upgrade in less than a year.

---> I was supposed to disclose more info on this post but due to personal reasons i will end it with this dot (.)

Friday, March 10, 2006

muling isigaw

naiinis ako sa nanloloko sa shoutbox ko... di na nakakatuwa... so palit shoutbox para bili delete na lang...

**FYI no one's laughing.

Monday, March 06, 2006


tinatamad ako magpost kaya bigay na lang ako ng trivia.

yung mamang kalbo silhouette na yan ay isa sa world's most recognizable shapes.

yun lang...

updated na nga pala ng konti photo album ko...

yun lang ulit...

Friday, March 03, 2006

penguin.Radio signing on

this is DJ gnepoT hosting live from Tucson and beside me, (sidebar) is a selection of my favorite music as of these past few months. Hope you like it.

Special request for songs? comment along and let me see what I can do.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

maligayang anibersaryo mga katoto

isang taon... parang kay tagal... ngunit ngayon ay marka ng paglagpas...

isang taon... dati hindi magkakakilala... ngayon magkakakuntsaba na...

isang taon... kay daming nangyari... ngunit alam naman nating mas marami pang mangyayari...

isang taon pa lang yan... dami pang lilipas...

Friday, February 24, 2006

the penguin's photobook

sometimes stress, depression motivates me...

so here i go finally making use of the webspace account Janet and I bought about 6+ months ago. Well the porschepuppy has been using it since the start. But not for me, no siree... I was so lazy to move my post from blogspot to that account that I finally ended up not using it up till now.

so now I guess I could post more organized photos than just inserting them here at my blog.

Later on I'll be asking auring's assistance to change the design of my photobook because I don't know sheezmack about web designing...

Anyways click here or on the Webmarks Sidebar for the link.

*I've trashed my old photo album coz it uses a lousy compression algorithm that makes my photos look grainy... uber grainy...

Monday, February 20, 2006

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

sabi ko naman sa inyo

**it's really nice to have a cam handy sometimes

Monday, February 13, 2006

remembering the classics

While searching the net for some Pocket PC games, I was suprised to find a ported game of XCOM: UFO Defense. XCOM is one of the most popular DOS games (well for me) way back when I was in grade 6. It is a strategic turn base game that I really really enjoyed.

I've only played it for a couple of hours but I could tell that it was nicely ported and i think almost all the excitement of the old game is still there.

Home of the Underdogs!

Also I just remembered THE UNDERDOGS, the best sites there is for downloading classic and now also freeware and some emulated games.

Come to think of it, this post is kinda geeky....


Thursday, February 09, 2006


Pilipinas ang mundo ay nanonood,
ipakita ang gilas at pumagitna sa liwanag.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

pagkain pagkain pagkain

hindi ko alam kung bakit puro pagkain ang pinopost ko dito... natutuwa ba ako nagugutom o kung ano? ang sagot? kung ano... dahil hindi ko rin alam... hindi lang masarap tignan, masarap din tikman...

i don't know why i'm so incoherent these past few days...

Monday, February 06, 2006

towering tinapay

buuin, namnamin, lasapin, kagatin...

Friday, February 03, 2006

nagdidilemmang paningin ko... part 2

if ever i could muster enough money...
i would certainly take home a laptop with these killer specs.

goodbye for now PSP....

goodbye for now Creative Zen Vision M....

Thursday, February 02, 2006