Friday, April 28, 2006

bit in

every bit in the byte puts a simmer in the spice
and every bit in the boolean adds more to the fun
but tis still not good cause bit in is bit in still.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

sa ngalan ng pangalan

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7op3n6 para kunwari t3h l447... you know para 0wn1ng and all your bases are belong to us. (Uber geeky ang makaintindi nito)

What would you change your name to, if you were changing it?


Why that?

para gnepot productions naman. Producer of the self proclaimed legendary Repuela scandals and cielo series... wakokokokoko

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kunwari mga anak ko sila dapat walang favoritism


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Friday, April 14, 2006

the penguin returns

It's been a long time since my last post because I don't want my posts to overlap and I still don't know how I will write my adventure or rather misadventure in my trip going back home from tucson. Well I guess I need to start somewhere, so here goes...

the reason
I was notified that I need to go back home immediately because my I-94 card expired, it's the one where the immigration puts up to when you could stay in their country. At first I didn't know what to think because I had lots of plans in my mind (especially the one where I start doing exercises again to lose weight... darn chocolates... darn snickers...) to do this April but after contemplating and then some more contemplating I realized that it would be better to leave than to stay and risk myself being blocklisted in the states. So after two days I was as good as gone.

I've been to Las Vegas!!!
Airport nga lang
the flight from Tucson to Vegas was pretty much uneventfully I just read a book till we landed to Vegas. Because my next connecting flight to San Francisco would be more than five hours I was required to check-in again my luggages. So After getting my luggages from the whatchamacallit luggage drop-off point I was struck dumb on where to check out my luggages, btw they are both around 45-50lbs each plus 17-19lbs of hand carry bags, and lessen my load. So I was standing for around 20mins til I decided that I really should get going. I asked the info boot h on where the check-in counters are and then needed to lug around my luggage across a street and I really could feel that I was way out of shape.

After waiting in a long line I was informed that I can't check-in my bags for another 1hour, so I just sat on some corner near the counter so I could easily go back there. I tried reading but wasn't able to concentrate that much because I heard some grumbling sound in my midsection which went on till I was able to check-in my luggages.. wheeew...

is there such a word?
I was off to tour myself inside the Vegas airport and buy some snacks in the process. I bought a 1L bottle of water instead of the 500mL one because I know I would be needing a lot of fluids while strolling around and a chicken bacon wrap and also Allan's Dr. Pepper request. After eating and looking around for possible pasalubongs and found none or rather realized I really am kuripot so I just decided to go to the waiting lounge of the gate I was assigned to.

Kapkapan blues and the case of the missing Dr.
Before I could enter the lounge area I was entitled a free body inspection because I don't look american enough... este.. I don't look american, period. So after the routinary body inspection one of them asked why I had two laptops in which I promptly replied that the first one is for business and the other one for pleasure.

Moving on to find the right seat where I could waste around 4hours I realized that I was missing a plastic bag with Allan's request of Dr. Pepper and my 1Liter bottled water. So I concentrated and a series of forced flashbacks went into my head. I left the plastic bag inside the CR just before entering the gate for inspection. So I guess I need to say goodbye to my boomerang pasalubong from Allan.. huhuhuhuhu... T_T

to Sunny Californyaaay kapagod
So after some reading and a little shut eye and some reading still I was now in a plane to California airport. Thank God I don't need to carry my luggages anymore because it would go straight to my plane to Manila. All I need to do now is to carry my 2 hand carry (some pun intended) and myself to the ticketing counter for some verification stuffs. Let's just say that my supposed short walk to the counter went into a full tour around the airport which I could say was roughly more than an hour because I was like carrying heavy loads around 17-19lbs each. All of this happened because I went into a long turn. What was supposed to be a simple left-right turn from the entry gate became a series of left-left-right-right-up-down-up-down-and-i-don't-really-remember-turns.

because of that series of unfortunate turns I had little energy left to roam around the airport so instead I tried to wardrive myself for a wifi hotspot which wasn't successful because no free wifi could be found. I was planning to chat my way through the hours but again my plans went fruitless.

mga kababayan ko at ang paguwi sa bayan ko
as i was one of the early birds for the Philippine bound flight I saw little by little that almost all of my travelmates, or whatever you call them, are Filipinos. I also saw a child version of her and the semblance was so uncanny... naaliw lang ako... I would have took her picture to post it here but I don't want to risk them thinking that I'm a perv or pido or something... hehehehhee...

inside the plane I again unfortunately was seated in a chair with problematic A/V system. Last time on my flight to Tucson I had a defective LCD and this time around ,so destiny could balance things up, I had a defective control panel leading to no sound in my headphones. Arrrgh!!

So I just finished reading all the remaining stories in the book and then had small chats with a nun that had 2 divorces and another balikbayan who starts his sentence with 'hey men' or 'ye men' or 'men'.

Home at last
So after 30hours of travel I finally made it home around 4:30 in the morning. I really could feel that I'm already in the Philippines because I was sweating like a pig the moment the plane entered the Philippine Area of Responsibility. bwehehehhe

Anways, everything went well in the end and then I had a very wonderful evening...

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

homeward bound

a post of gratitude to our dear Lord who has given me this wonderful opportunity to go out of the country. Truly I thank God for all the things He has done for me this past few months. A lot of my long term goals became short term goals in just the span of three months. (San ka pa!)

But beyond the material blessings He has given me the right experience and also the chance to prove to myself that I do have the capacity to work outside my mother country. Who knows where I would be next? God does.

Truly, God answer prayers.