Sunday, March 28, 2010

earth hour dinner @ Flapjacks

Tonight we celebrated earth hour, though unexpectedly, at flapjacks. A supposedly normal turned candle-lit dinner! 

It was nice to know that several if not all establishments in the greenbelt area obliged to shut down most of their lights to commemorate earth hour! 

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 earth hour @ flapjacksearth hour @ flapjacks earth hour @ flapjacksearth hour @ flapjacksearth hour @ flapjacks earth hour @ flapjacksearth hour @ flapjacks earth hour @ flapjacksearth hour @ flapjacks

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

Glenn-Ellen Prenup

two of my friends bridged together by fate and topeng's reto services. lol.
Congratulations! \:D/
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Glellen Glenn-Ellen Glenn-EllenGlenn-Ellen Glenn-EllenGlenn-Ellen Glenn-EllenSun BakingGlenn-Ellen Glenn-Ellen

Bolinao: Third and Last Day

And now the end is near, so we face the final day of our tour... Alas, every good thing has to end including this one. 
 _MG_0470 _MG_0476_MG_0446


The last day started with a simple meal, as usual, it was expensive (good thing breakfast is inclusive with the room rent) and slow to be served.

We were all expecting a buffet just like the previous day so we were a bid dismayed to find out that it was not the case. I think breakfast buffets are only served on weekdays and/or when there a lot of people (other than us).

Glenn-Ellen _MG_0544_MG_0508_MG_0549

After breakfast, my lovely assistant and I did another prenup session for Glenn and Ellen.

Note: To those who doesn't know what Nina is holding, that is what you call a diffuser.
You can use almost anything translucent as a diffuser; so in my case i used the inside part of a commercial reflector to block the harsh shadow of some tree branches.


Since we don't want to waste anytime, we went to the jacuzzi as we haven't tried it yet. I was a bit disappointed since the jacuzzi was only pee warm and I was expecting something that could really destress my muscles.

jump it off jump it offjump it off
group shotgroup shot

Time to go home! But no trip is complete without group and jump shots!

_MG_0600Time to walk to another space, adventure awaits wherever the place.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hundred Islands

Since Bolinao and Alaminos are near each other, both in Pangasinan, what the heck, we included it in our itinerary.  
Alaminos is about 2 hours away from Bolinao via private transportation and the home of the world famous Hundred Islands. 
 Hundred Island Panorama Hundred IslandsHundred Islands Hundred Islands  Hundred Islands Hundred Islands: BoatHundred Islands Hundred IslandsHundred Islands: Boat Mobile

As with almost every tourist destination here in the Philippines, the journey begins by registering at the Tourism center. Here you can find all you need to know about the place, like the map of the Hundred Islands and also a ton of people offering their services. So the services they could render here are the boat and the snorkeling gear, which is cheap and sucks... in water.

Trivia: on a high tide, their are a few less island count. ^__^

Essential foundationsHundred Islands
Before starting the show.. err. journey, one must put first their foundation... err.. sun screen.
pang muro amiHundred Islands: Butanding
and then strike a manly pose up till Governor's Island.

Hundred IslandsHundred Islands
Hundred Islands: Neil Gayman modeHundred Islands: Look from the top Hundred Islands: BagsHundred Islands: View from the top 
Governor's Island is our first stop. Here contains the Pinoy Big brother house, which obviously was used by Pinoy Big Brother (Sorry I don't watch tv). By stepping a few elevations higher, the Governor's Island also has a man made ridge to overlook most of the other islands. The view is exceptional and breath taking, I'm not certain where the sun will set, but I think this place will be spectacular during the sunset. That's why people can't stop taking a pose. ^__^

Hundred IslandsHundred Islands

Hundred Islands: In the caveHundred Islands: In the cave

coming back down to the shore of Governor's Island also lies a small cavern of some sort that around 40 feet inside leads to a dead end or a light sucking cavern.
Hundred Islands: Marriage IslandHundred IslandsHundred Islands Hundred Islands Group shotHundred IslandsHundred Islands

After Governor's Island, we hopped back to the boat to go and eat at Quezon Island. Note to those who wants to tour the Hundred Islands. Food at the island is not cheap, so better bring your own food. As for us, we take-out some langhap-sarap Jollibee as we are short on cash c/o food from the place we are staying in.

Hundred IslandsHundred Islands: Snorkling Point Hundred Islands: SnorkleHundred Islands: Aftermath 
Now to the fun part of  the journey, snorkeling! Currently there is just one snorkeling spot (different from diving spot, which i think the hundred island has several of). The base point has a rope tied to it up to several buoys to help the non-swimmer to still enjoy the snorkel.
The coral reef is at the very center and far from the ropes, so people needs to brave themselves to see the beautiful preserve reefs. It was pure awesomsauce as it was the first time i saw a big clam!
After about an hour or so it was time to hop to another island. The snorkeling experience was almost perfect if not for the cheap snorkeling gear that keeps sucking in water in our eyes and the nasty laceration mush got from the ropes.

Hundred Islands
Next island we went to was the Children's Island. It was indeed the perfect place for children as the water was shallow and only knee deep. I don't have any photos as I got worn out by snorkeling (lazy excuse for a photographer i know. lol). So after learning how to float laying on my back (with the help of a life vest. lol). I just floated till it was time to go home.
On the boat ride home, I was again awestruck by the setting sun. Too bad we left a bit early as it would've been perfect if the sun was a bit lower when i took the photo above.

Hundred Islands: \:D/Hundred Islands: MamiHundred Islands: Dave Hundred Islands: Japanese KekHundred Islands: Japanese KekHundred Islands: Japanese Kek

after reaching the shore and showering at a Php10 shower joint, we walked around the port of Alaminos, ate some delicacy and made our way to eat dinner at Cindys at Alaminos town proper before heading back to rest at the resort in Bolinao.