Sunday, September 23, 2007

saan francisco one more time

after having my flyback in Manila, i had to go stay 5days (and was blessed with being delayed for another week) in San Francisco to renew my Barbados visa.

union square

kumukuha ng kumukuha

dear blog, i shall learn to cook egg benedict on my stay in barbados.

Having stayed in the hotel room for almost the whole weekday working, only leaving to obey my stomachs bidding, it was nice that my friends toured me around the San Francisco area.


I was really getting envious with all those Golden gate avatars that i see in YM so I made a request to go there for our first stop.

mga tour guide ko.

What better way to seal the deal than to cross the Golden gate bridge and go to a port and take a ferry back to the city. Too bad the bridge was way foggy for some good picture taking though. :(

After taking this photo, I've realized we've been walking for quite some time now. :))

So after some more walking and then some more, we've finally arrived at Salusalito port, to take a break. See how tired they are.

ang tunay na eye bug.

Then after the ferry ride back to the city, we went straight to the wharf.

me while waiting for the


to the wharf!

it doesn't need to look good to taste good. Clam Chowder!


goes the fire dancer

Sinong pumutol ng paa ni papa koala? Clue? nasa picture din sya.

And so the following friday my Passport arrived with a new visa and off i go on the Sunday. Hope I could've stayed a little longer for the Wii party but hey, at least I got my YM avatar.