Sunday, December 16, 2007


welcome back Pinas!

It was the 12th of December, my bags are pack and I'm ready to go! It was a hot december in Barbados so I was wearing my usual shorts and tshirt. Good thing I remembered that I'll be having a 12hr lay over in NYC and it's winter there!! So i changed to something more winter resistant and headed for Barbados Airport...

A few hours later I'm in NYC and I've finally experience my first snow! (I was really really tempted to make snow angel in the side street. :D ) Sadly though no snow fall that night...

It was freezing cold and a couple of us were waiting for the Days Inn hotel shuttle service. 5...10... 20minutes passed and still no Days Inn shuttle for us (there were a lot of other hotel shuttles passing by though). Then along came the security guard and asked us what hotel are we staying in. So when I replied "Days Inn", he pointed us to a parked shuttle that was already there before I arrived. There was a big label on the side that says Fairfield Inn and a letter size paper in the window saying Days Inn. So when we got in I told the driver what happend and he said that it happens all the time but he just waits for the passenger to realize their mistakes!! So no tip for him! hmmph!

It was already 2am in my cellphone and the flight is 9am so after setting all the possible alarm clocks that I have (DS and 2 cellphones) I went to sleep and woke up around 8am!! And as I was about to do the "hilamos lang pero mukhang na ligo" ritual I realized that I might be on a different timezone. So I called the front desk to confirm the time and lo and behold it was just 7am and I still have time for a decent morning ritual. ^__^

Fast forward... Detroit airport, as I was paying for the pasalubongs that i bought in the store, this

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Friday, December 07, 2007


i got my katinko.
i dipped my finger in it.
i rubbed some on my wrist.
my eyelid became itchy.
i was about to scratch it with my finger.
i remember it has some katinko on it.
i rubbed my eyes with my wrist.
i cannot see.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Why is the sky blue?

Kasi ganito yan... clouds are tiny droplets of water, and these droplets reflect the biggest surface of the earth which is the ocean which is blue hence the sky looks blue.

People may say "wtf?! i thought that was a rhetorical question?" Well in most cases it is, but i have a problem of complicating my life by trying to know anything and everything under the sun... I need to know the clockwork of things.

I always seem to have a theoretical or factual answer to anything people throw at me. Which is most of the time is beneficial except when people started to ask why the cookie jar is now half empty! Instead of answering "I don't know" I tend to explain possibilities of Why. Which in Filipino is called "Mukhang guilty!".

But if I was really guilty then I wouldn't be near the scene of the crime. There I go again...