Friday, November 19, 2010

Asado Night

The Manila Mafia in Uruguay got invited to some fun filled Asado Night(!!!) by the client. The invitation stated that the party would start at 8:00PM but being in Latin America for a good 6 months now we decided to arrive at the venue at around 10:00PM which apparently is still to early. :))

No sweat though as they were already preparing the different kinds of meat to be set in the parilla.

The fun lasted till 4:00AM for us but some still continued till the wee hour in the morning!

As usual, I'll stop writing and let the photos do the talking.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Patrimonio, Colonia

sun walk

During my last two visit in Colonia, the best place to hang out was in the Restaurante de Patrimonio.  
Part of the reason is the loading dock that you can go to to take this awesome photo above.  

Puperia D Los Farioles, Colonia

Windows Arriving in Colonia a few minutes before lunch, the first thing we set out for was look for something to eat!
After a few blocks of walking from the bus station to inner Colonia,  we  decided to eat at the first restaurant we saw. The "Puperia D Los Farioles".

Friday, November 05, 2010

El Salmon in mono.

El Salmon
Several reasons on why we go to El Salmon for lunch:
  • This is the nearest restaurant we can go to.
  • Has a nice "bar" atmosphere 
  • cheap! (UY 110-130)
  • we had a chance encounter with the Uruguayan president. Photo posted in the bar
  • One of the (only) five available places  
  • The owner looks like master pogi of dragon ball.