Tuesday, June 24, 2008

maligayang kaarawan papa

Back in elementary, we don't have classes in Manila everytime my father celebrates his birthday.

He would always tell us it was because it's his birthday.

I felt proud that he is my father because of that.

a few years have passed and now I know that june 24rth is Manila day.

Still I'm proud that he's my father.

Happy Birthday.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

of pronunciations

- i forgot my headset.
- i'm at the office
- i am in a VoIP conference call using my laptop microphone.
- i'm talking mostly to Argentinian peeps.
- their team lead is named Andres.
- the line was a bit fuzzy.

me: hi, who's this?
andres: what?
me: hello?
me: who'S THIS?
andres: HELLO?
andres: why yes I am.

- i laughed.
- i feel like a script writer of Bubble gang.
- the one with the long senseless dialog, with a silly punchline at the end. duhr.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

tsokolate para sayo.

Wag na mainis mahal ko.
Eto na ang chocolate para sayo.

Itsura pa lang masarap na.
Lalo na pag natikman mo pa.

Hindi man ito ang tamang picture
Tama pa rin naman ang Manufacturer.

Wag na mainis mahal ko..
Malapit na dumating ang chocolate
na simula pa lang ay para sayo.


Monday, June 16, 2008

not your everyday dinner.

Last saturday, an officemate invited us for some home cook dinner. Nevermind how he smuggled meat out of the US and into Barbados, it was all delicious!

- Griilled Bratswurt boiled in Banks beer (the local beer of the island)
- Grilled deer meat wrapped in bacon (which taste like steak)
- Curry deer
- Spicy rabbit (taste like kaldereta)

And Foie gras (force fed duck [sorry Anjie] a delicacy straight from France.

Everything was enjoyable to the palate. ^__^

Thursday, June 05, 2008

miss you

I miss the way we just talk and talk.
About anything and everything.
Sense or senseless it doesn't really matter.

I miss the times we jog after office.
which most of the time is really walking to market market and eat.

I miss your cooking.
Fat burning soup and
Carbonara omellete for the win.

I miss the times we go to Timezone,
always seeing the old man win a ton of toys,
while we go home empty handed but happy.

I miss our back to back to back movie marathons.

I miss the times when you are moody..
well just sometimes... :))

I miss the way you deny you are corny...
yes you are.

I miss the way you make me laugh...
even if it's not that obvious.

So what I just really want to say is..
i miss being with you...