Monday, April 06, 2009

unsolved mystery

it was 5:45pm, i just sent a message to mushy.

15minutes later i left the office,
went down the elevator,
out of the building,
into the parking lot.

as i press the remote,
the car acknowledge with a tutut.
i started it up,
payed my parking fee.

as i was speeding the highway that was edsa,
i felt the urge, as i usually do.
to reach for my pockets and retrieve my phone.
Lo and behold, i felt no bulge!

my mind went in reverse,
back tracking to were i last remember the image of my phone.
i see my hand, my phone, my desk.
i started to calm down.
my phone can stay for the night away at my sight.

the following morning,
i learned several things,
at a very expensive price.