Sunday, December 16, 2007


welcome back Pinas!

It was the 12th of December, my bags are pack and I'm ready to go! It was a hot december in Barbados so I was wearing my usual shorts and tshirt. Good thing I remembered that I'll be having a 12hr lay over in NYC and it's winter there!! So i changed to something more winter resistant and headed for Barbados Airport...

A few hours later I'm in NYC and I've finally experience my first snow! (I was really really tempted to make snow angel in the side street. :D ) Sadly though no snow fall that night...

It was freezing cold and a couple of us were waiting for the Days Inn hotel shuttle service. 5...10... 20minutes passed and still no Days Inn shuttle for us (there were a lot of other hotel shuttles passing by though). Then along came the security guard and asked us what hotel are we staying in. So when I replied "Days Inn", he pointed us to a parked shuttle that was already there before I arrived. There was a big label on the side that says Fairfield Inn and a letter size paper in the window saying Days Inn. So when we got in I told the driver what happend and he said that it happens all the time but he just waits for the passenger to realize their mistakes!! So no tip for him! hmmph!

It was already 2am in my cellphone and the flight is 9am so after setting all the possible alarm clocks that I have (DS and 2 cellphones) I went to sleep and woke up around 8am!! And as I was about to do the "hilamos lang pero mukhang na ligo" ritual I realized that I might be on a different timezone. So I called the front desk to confirm the time and lo and behold it was just 7am and I still have time for a decent morning ritual. ^__^

Fast forward... Detroit airport, as I was paying for the pasalubongs that i bought in the store, this

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Friday, December 07, 2007


i got my katinko.
i dipped my finger in it.
i rubbed some on my wrist.
my eyelid became itchy.
i was about to scratch it with my finger.
i remember it has some katinko on it.
i rubbed my eyes with my wrist.
i cannot see.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Why is the sky blue?

Kasi ganito yan... clouds are tiny droplets of water, and these droplets reflect the biggest surface of the earth which is the ocean which is blue hence the sky looks blue.

People may say "wtf?! i thought that was a rhetorical question?" Well in most cases it is, but i have a problem of complicating my life by trying to know anything and everything under the sun... I need to know the clockwork of things.

I always seem to have a theoretical or factual answer to anything people throw at me. Which is most of the time is beneficial except when people started to ask why the cookie jar is now half empty! Instead of answering "I don't know" I tend to explain possibilities of Why. Which in Filipino is called "Mukhang guilty!".

But if I was really guilty then I wouldn't be near the scene of the crime. There I go again...

Thursday, November 29, 2007

7.2magnitude, 172miles away

Sana walang tsunami. Wala ako balak mag surfs up. :-s

kups de etsas

I need to make a stand.
they need to know.
things need to change.
I will make it happen.

I will stand.
people around me will fall.
i have made my point.
I will free my people.
I am free.
I am corrupted.

Monday, November 26, 2007

it wasn't a rock it was a rock lobster!

oh so sorry! oh so yummy!

One of the better things here in Barbados are the different seafoods that I can buy. I'm not really a fish person but since fish is a lot more cheaper here than beef or pork I had to go the cheaper route. But lo and behold! Never thought fish could be this tasty! So far I've cooked marlin, red tuna, white tuna, red snapper, king fish, barracuda and now... tantananan! lobster! yun lang! Wakekeke!

as requested! ^_^

Friday, November 09, 2007


ok, my old pda phone (Eten M600) got busted while i was in SF. So I left it with Jason to have it repaired and then shipped here in Barbados. So it was sent viah DHL last week Wednesday and arrived in Barbados last week Friday and lo and behold! I'm still without the phone!

The custard people wanted me to pay a customs tax of Bb$465.00 because they thought it was a new phone. So I had to explain that it isn't but still up to now they haven't decided what to do with it. I've been bugging DHL to no avail. :(

Damn it! I really want to change my view about how a sucky place this is.. but... grrr... this is not helping!

Monday, October 29, 2007

tuwing lunes...

kami ay mayroon munting pagpupulong tuwing lunes sa opisina, dito ko lang nakikita magsalita ang aming tagapamahala ng proyekto at ganito ang kanyang mga nasambit. (non verbatim)

tnp: ok ladies and gents, sa tingin ko hindi masyado conducive ang ating mga meeting sa opisina na to! kaya meron ako naiisip na maari natin gawin! Naisip ko na kung tumayo tayo lahat sa right side ng opisina at magkumpol kumpol duon baka mas marami maging active participants ng meeting. Pero wag kayo mag alala sa susunod na meeting sa left side naman tayo mag kukumpol kumpol sa kadahilanang baka meron magisip na " ano ba yan baket lagi na lang tayo sa right side nagkukumpol kumpol."

I didn't hear the rest of what he said because now, my auditory perceptions automatically shuts down after a few minutes of him talking.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Happy Birthday letter

Happy Birthday!
These letters made my day... ^__^

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

the tale of the start of the end

there was once a little boy,
who was taken to a little orphanage
where everyone was friendly,
everyone was nice.
where all the kids were brilliant
and yet still had time for fun.

well how could they not!
as the orphanages motto rang true,
"study hard, play hard. "
which was just that,
exact to the dot!

so the little boy was happy,
for everything felt just right.

until came the king's son,
saying this land has been conquered,
blah di blah di blah!
a new reign has come!
All of us he gathered,
to talk and persuade
"no worries children,
everything will still stay the same!"
even though we feel that they are not.

so now, as time pass by,
and as more changes comes to rise,
eventually all the little boy could do
is say bye bye!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


... i really have a lot of things to post in here but whenever I get to the create post window.. my mind suddenly go blank and stops functioning... dunno why though... baka baka baka manok baboy!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

saan francisco one more time

after having my flyback in Manila, i had to go stay 5days (and was blessed with being delayed for another week) in San Francisco to renew my Barbados visa.

union square

kumukuha ng kumukuha

dear blog, i shall learn to cook egg benedict on my stay in barbados.

Having stayed in the hotel room for almost the whole weekday working, only leaving to obey my stomachs bidding, it was nice that my friends toured me around the San Francisco area.


I was really getting envious with all those Golden gate avatars that i see in YM so I made a request to go there for our first stop.

mga tour guide ko.

What better way to seal the deal than to cross the Golden gate bridge and go to a port and take a ferry back to the city. Too bad the bridge was way foggy for some good picture taking though. :(

After taking this photo, I've realized we've been walking for quite some time now. :))

So after some more walking and then some more, we've finally arrived at Salusalito port, to take a break. See how tired they are.

ang tunay na eye bug.

Then after the ferry ride back to the city, we went straight to the wharf.

me while waiting for the


to the wharf!

it doesn't need to look good to taste good. Clam Chowder!


goes the fire dancer

Sinong pumutol ng paa ni papa koala? Clue? nasa picture din sya.

And so the following friday my Passport arrived with a new visa and off i go on the Sunday. Hope I could've stayed a little longer for the Wii party but hey, at least I got my YM avatar.


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

aba! arbados!

I really don't know what to say here... another adventure... another experience... everything that's happening will prepare me for the things to come.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

saan francisco? san francisco!

airport arrival time: 9:00AM
hotel check-in time: 3:00PM
room status: all rooms occupied till check-in time.
reaction: violent

Sitting my butt off for almost 24hrs, I decided to leave my baggages at the front desk and took a walk in the streets of San Francisco. Prior to leaving Manila, I decided to just wear slippers to avoid the hassle of removing footwear at the airport security check point. Big mistake! I forgot how cold it could get compared to the hot-humid-sweat-making air in manila.

So there I was, toe nails turning violet, walking with no real destination in mind. Good thing i've came across a cafe with free WiFi access. So a cup of hot chocolate and 5hrs later, I was finally checked-in.



Before sleeping, I was so happy to see a Digital alarm clock that can use its built in CD player as an alarm. Being a noob that I was, I just set it to CD play alarm then slept...

for 12hrs...

Good thing it was still a weekend so all was good.

So Sunday evening, selected CD alarm mode again then slept..

for 12hrs...

Frustrated I played the CD to know its content then lo and behold! It was a sleep and relaxation CD!



My first dinner there, I decided to eat at Burger King which was a few blocks away from the hotel. With a mind-set of 1 week San Francisco and the rest in Barbados, I only brought my wind breaker jacket. So with more cold air than wind to break I've learned my lesson.




night mode


chin park in the big city

nakalimutan ko kung mataas sya or pyramid shape talaga.


Saturday, April 21, 2007

narita ako....

it has been a while since my last post. I was in manila back then.. now here I am, waiting for the connecting flight in Narita airport to San Francisco.

A lot of stuff is stirring my brain fluids at the moment. Me being here means that I'm growing (sadly not vertically) up and need to think more and more of the future. We can't really control the future.. but at least we can try and steer it to a point of satisfaction.

man, it's lonely out here... but I need to keep on steering for our future.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

if there's somebody calling me on....

It all started with a stare.
then the teasing starts.
I kept on denying what I truly feel.
but like a container that would eventually fill.
my heart bursts out.
and all was spilled.

a year has passed.
so quickly if i may add.
the 12th monthsary
or simply put,
Our 1 year anniversary.

Happy 1st Anniversary Mushy!

she's the one...

Monday, April 16, 2007

yey bora!

it was friday and it also was the 13th, yet I can't contain my excitement. T'was because that day was the day we went to Boracay! It was 3 night and 4 days of absolute fun under the sun and moon na rin.

The previous week mushy and i went to an intense stomach diet of fat burning soup. At first i was skeptic about the idea of eating just veggies in tomato soup and fruits day after day after day (kasi 3 days lang), but hmmm.. how would i say this... i loved it more than mushy. :))

So back to bora, the plan was we will eat to our hearts content after our endeavor or should i say enDEVOUR of veggies and fruits. So after the long trip and skipping lunch, we were finally there and very much hungry.

So after settling down in the comfy Orchids resort [which should give me a discount the next time around for obvious reasons] we walked the path of white sands and found a turo mo luto ko restaurant [which won't give me reason for obvious reasons] we were ready to order.

mushy was so happy to get a hold of the menu.

[there should have been some photos of food here but i was too hungry at that time]

After dinner we got separated with the others so we just went night swimming with the corn smelling weeds and then retired back to orchids thereafter.

no wonder we couldn't find them..
one was turning invisible and the other one is a friend of
darker than black :))

after some good night's sleep, it's time to go snorkeling and island hopping.

snork snork snork.

we saw a lot of sea creatures and was lucky enough to spot a sea monkey!

after a lil bit of snorkling we ate a feast. Ironically, I was the one who ate the least. I still don't know if i should thank the soup or hate it because it changed my stomach capacity. :p

After eating next stop was island cove.

the only group picture we had :))

This place has 2 caves that also has an opening near the sea. So we were like in 8 waves only this was real. for more photos visit mushy's bora photo.

It was about 4:30pm when we finished so after some more...

feet grinding.


(which i thought was jonel's)

we finally decided to call it a day.

The next morning it was for some of the gang to leave. Well, Glenn, Goy, Mushy and I decided to get another day out of the bora adventure.

the survivors

first couple

second couple

The day after our last day in bora is our first anniversary. So what better way to pre-celebrate it than to do something special. :D

up up and away!
(Thank you to the magnificently sun burned Glenn for taking our photos)

After the sky high experience, it's time to go take a dip again.

and so before going dark...

and some henna tatoo..

we decided to go to D' Mall.

and tried to score 28.

but utterly failed. :))

after buying some souvenirs and going to Jonah's again...

and collecting some more white sands...

it's finally time to sit back, relax and enjoy our final night at boracay.