Saturday, September 23, 2006

trigger happy penguin is now online

sa wakas nagkaroon na rin ako ng dsl!!! woohoo! after some very comprehensive research looking for the fastest DSL provider which is Globe DSL I've finally subscribed to PLDT DSL!! nyaaah!!

Unfortunately Globe DSL is not available in our area so I had to settle with PLDT which so far is not bad.

The modem that PLDT provided was just a regular modem with no switch capability meaning I won't be able to share myDSL connection, no pun intended. Good thing I've bought a wifi router for only $15, which was really a bargain. So after mingling with the DSL modem I decided it's now time to connect the wifi router. So I plugged it in the outlet, the wifi router power LED blinked... blinked... blinked... and then the router was off again. So I was thinking what went wrong then I realized that gadgets in the States was usually autovolt or 110v. And from the way things went, my router wasn't autovolt. huhuhuhuuhu :((

Good thing that usually when plugging adapters with wrong power input, it's the adaptor that takes the toll and so my router was still working after spending for a new adaptor. yey!!!

so that's it for now. Next post will be some photos of my pamana speakers. ^___^

Thursday, September 21, 2006


now i really have to update my blog. bwahahahaha...

in this parallel universe, even a blogger who doesn't post for almost 2 months can win the... tentenenen!


clap clap clap.

It seems that people find my life intruiging, inspiring, breath-taking, amazing or they just want me to update my blog. :))

Monday, September 11, 2006

i am the wicker man

and after watching this movie you to will be the weaker (wo)man too.
lintek ampanget!