Monday, August 01, 2005

weekend summary

Badminton Fridays
Every friday I get my chance to improve more and more at badminton. But that doesn't mean I'm now good at badminton. Hehehehe.. Jackie and I had a verbal agreement to be a doubles tandem. We've defeated a more experience team and expect to defeat a mire powerful tandem... :)

The heart pounding feeling, the forceful smashes, the quick drop shots, the good service, ahh... Can't wait till it's badminton friday again.

Saturday Splurging

After the game dave and I went to Lolo's place at Cainta. Even though I was dead tired I was still up till 4am and woke up at around 8am.
I was planning to stay at Lolo's place and play Ninja Gaiden the whole day but at around 10am my tatay called to inform me that his PC was not starting, darn! So being the disobedient child that I was, instead of going home directly, I accompanied Lolo to meet with Hanne at Shang.

While Lolo was waiting for his beloved. I was looking for different badminton shoes. Really had my eye on an Adidas climacool shoes and since it was an end of the month sale for both megamall and shang I was planning to buy It at megamall instead.

Hanne was kinda late and was not in a good mood so after eating at tokyo tokyo (I though I was so hungry but I didn't even have an extra serving of rice, payat na kasi ako e), We accompanied Hanne home. I think Lolo and Hanne had a silent war at the back of the taxi.

After we have meet up with dave at megamall I immediately looked for different badminton shoes. After looking store after store I ended up still buying the one at Toby's Shang.. argg.. hehehehehe.. But twas ok because I still satisfied my urges.... hehehhe

Aahh.. I also bought my tatay a pricey Premiere Pro 1.5 Video Editing Book as peace offering and a long overdue gift for his birthday. He was too thankful to scold me after I got home.. hehehhe...

conclusion: 50% of my salary gone after just a day.

Sunday Irks

It was our church's 3rd anniversary yesterday and I really liked the pastor's message. Anyways as for the title, It was because I can't use my pc for an indefinite time because my tatay's PC is broken (I could go and tell you the details but I'll just spare you the troubles of technicalities).

I only found the problem late in the evening because I did other none productive stuffs the whole afternoon like watching Midori No Hibi, which by the way is a cool anime, and sleeping for 4hours.. hehehe

So from today up to an indefinite time I'll be posting entries here at the office... huhuhuhu


  1. MIDORI NO HIBI!! One of my favorite animes off all time...

  2. so publicly declared na talaga na tayo magkadoubles...yehey... wala ng kokontrang iba pa jan... :P

  3. oo naman... winning tandem!!!! wakokokoko