Friday, February 24, 2006

the penguin's photobook

sometimes stress, depression motivates me...

so here i go finally making use of the webspace account Janet and I bought about 6+ months ago. Well the porschepuppy has been using it since the start. But not for me, no siree... I was so lazy to move my post from blogspot to that account that I finally ended up not using it up till now.

so now I guess I could post more organized photos than just inserting them here at my blog.

Later on I'll be asking auring's assistance to change the design of my photobook because I don't know sheezmack about web designing...

Anyways click here or on the Webmarks Sidebar for the link.

*I've trashed my old photo album coz it uses a lousy compression algorithm that makes my photos look grainy... uber grainy...

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