Monday, May 08, 2006


I was so excited to go to my very first company outing held at Verde Islands in Batangas, after all this will be my 3rd, yep only 3rd, time to go to the beach and have some fun under the sun.

yung happy foot ko lang yung nagfufun under the sun... the rest under the shade na.

We had some team oriented contest which started off with a cheering competition. So my team practiced for about 1.5hrs and maybe because we were all exhausted from the trip to the island or the heat of the sun or the weeks work or... uhmmm.. i'm out of excuses... hehehehe.. so because of unknown reasons our cheer sounded more like a chant taken from a Gregorian chant CD backmasked then recomposed with a 32bit bitrate. In layman's term we made it 5th in a 5 team competition.

After the chant thingie we did a human bingo wherein if you were the first to answer correctly in the game expect to sit your ass off for the rest of the game.... hehehehehehe.. my part here is to peel of butong pakwan with my teeth and the seed must remain unscathed. I blame my teeth for being too sharp for this event. Sad to say, I never had the chance to sit my ass off in the heat of the summer sun just like the rest of my team mates.


Next follows a sort of amazing race game wherein we ran to and fro the island to our exhaustion. We were supposedly second place but due to technicalities we were awarded first! Hurrah for us! So overall we were last... wakokokokoko... and we couldn't have been more happier. ^____^

dito ka na sa Suman

pagkatapos ng grabe sa nakakapagod na mga laro naisipan ko na mahiga sa silong ng aming nirentahang kubo dahil mayroon nakasabit na hammock para sa isang hamak na katulad ko. Mas sumarap ang simoy ng hangin nuong dumating ang isang taong itago na lang natin sa pangalang muning. Tinamad na kami magpahinga dahil sinipag na kami ni itago nalang natin sa pangalang muning na kumain. Sa kasamaang palad medyo nahuli ang dating namin kaya kumain na lang kami ng pasta na kailangan ata samahan ng tubig alat para magkalasa man lang. Ngayon lang ako kumain ng pasta na mabagal bago ko naubos... (basahin ulit... nagjoke ako... wakokoko)


pagkatapos ay nagswimming na kami sa swimming pool... ang only highlight lang dito ay lumutang na rin ako sa wakas...

after the dip we had several shots of fundador and then went to sleep.


bet some of you know the reason behind au's smug... wakokokoko

the following morning or to be more precise, after 4hrs, I woke up with no hang-over... the money in teh brandy was well worth it... after eating breakfast and a little rest we went banana boating. The experience made me realize that I really need to learn how to swim. FYI I didn't drown or anything but I was moving uber slowly... huhuhuhu... so much for my penguin feet.



If you've noticed, I don't have much photos in this post. I don't know why.... hehehehehe... but I will sure make up for it in the next events to come...

hulaan kung nasaan ako?
I'm keeping a low profile.


  1. umabot pa pala yun ng 32 bit rate

  2. oo parang ganun na yung cheer natin e... distorted... wakokokokoko

  3. ang cute cute niyo ni nina sa picture.. ikaw tabachingching..hehehe dapat ata hindi ko sinabi yung T word...hehehehe

  4. now kailangan ko na talaga papayat... huhuhuhuhu...

    smug smug smug... wakokokokoko

  5. Fundador? Worth the money?