Sunday, June 18, 2006

tribute to dad

It's been a looo0ng while since my last post and what better way to start another stream of posts than to start with something meaningful.

Today is father's day and I forgot... hahahahahaha... Anyways forgeting father's day doesn't make me any less of a son. Earlier, I was just listening to my father preach about how being a father, one of their greatest achievements is to see their child eventually grow just the way they like it... just like them. (and maybe minus some of their quirks)

Well, I could consider dad as one of my first 'idulo'. Even though he's an undergrad he has managed to raise the family together with my mom. He is able to provide everything that we needed and most of what we wanted. (I think by now you should know the difference of needs and wants)

I don't really know what I should write...
Guess I'll just have to summarize it.

'Thank you Papa'

If i'm too corny please blame it on my father. wakokokoko