Wednesday, February 14, 2007

valentino valentina

Valentine's day in my opinion is over-rated.

That's why i never expected to receive anything from Nina. Well maybe a card would have been fine... but no.. It has to be a perfume and my favorite almond snickers bars which was all good but that's not the best part though...

What i really didn't saw coming was the personally crafted paper bag designed by Mushy. This really really really made me very very very happy on valentine's day, I mean this is one of those happy moments that's you really can't easily explain [meaning I can explain it but with recursive infinite loops]. :))

Art is Kool

and then after office we went to PhilCOA, took here to a nice dining place with fishbowl as substitute for drinking glass and then to UP Diliman's Astronomical Observatory to look at some constallations and Saturn. All of these of course was my surprise for her...

Yeah.. Valentine's day sure is over-rated. :p

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