Wednesday, October 10, 2007

the tale of the start of the end

there was once a little boy,
who was taken to a little orphanage
where everyone was friendly,
everyone was nice.
where all the kids were brilliant
and yet still had time for fun.

well how could they not!
as the orphanages motto rang true,
"study hard, play hard. "
which was just that,
exact to the dot!

so the little boy was happy,
for everything felt just right.

until came the king's son,
saying this land has been conquered,
blah di blah di blah!
a new reign has come!
All of us he gathered,
to talk and persuade
"no worries children,
everything will still stay the same!"
even though we feel that they are not.

so now, as time pass by,
and as more changes comes to rise,
eventually all the little boy could do
is say bye bye!


  1. nice!

    panahon na ata para magpa-ampon. :(

  2. hmm... time to move on na ba? hehe!

    Good luck and God bless!

  3. hahaha hindi no... kailangan lang i flex ang akin poetic mind. kung meron man ako nun. :))

    rock song talaga yan e.