Monday, November 26, 2007

it wasn't a rock it was a rock lobster!

oh so sorry! oh so yummy!

One of the better things here in Barbados are the different seafoods that I can buy. I'm not really a fish person but since fish is a lot more cheaper here than beef or pork I had to go the cheaper route. But lo and behold! Never thought fish could be this tasty! So far I've cooked marlin, red tuna, white tuna, red snapper, king fish, barracuda and now... tantananan! lobster! yun lang! Wakekeke!

as requested! ^_^


  1. buhay pa yan nung ni-picturan mo? di ka naman kinurot? :))

    wala bang picture nung cooked product? :))

  2. yup buhay pa naman... nag wiwiggle it pa nga e. Pero sayang.. wala kasi sya pincher na malaki e.. so lobster tail lang nakain ko. :(