Monday, December 03, 2007

Why is the sky blue?

Kasi ganito yan... clouds are tiny droplets of water, and these droplets reflect the biggest surface of the earth which is the ocean which is blue hence the sky looks blue.

People may say "wtf?! i thought that was a rhetorical question?" Well in most cases it is, but i have a problem of complicating my life by trying to know anything and everything under the sun... I need to know the clockwork of things.

I always seem to have a theoretical or factual answer to anything people throw at me. Which is most of the time is beneficial except when people started to ask why the cookie jar is now half empty! Instead of answering "I don't know" I tend to explain possibilities of Why. Which in Filipino is called "Mukhang guilty!".

But if I was really guilty then I wouldn't be near the scene of the crime. There I go again...

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