Thursday, June 05, 2008

miss you

I miss the way we just talk and talk.
About anything and everything.
Sense or senseless it doesn't really matter.

I miss the times we jog after office.
which most of the time is really walking to market market and eat.

I miss your cooking.
Fat burning soup and
Carbonara omellete for the win.

I miss the times we go to Timezone,
always seeing the old man win a ton of toys,
while we go home empty handed but happy.

I miss our back to back to back movie marathons.

I miss the times when you are moody..
well just sometimes... :))

I miss the way you deny you are corny...
yes you are.

I miss the way you make me laugh...
even if it's not that obvious.

So what I just really want to say is..
i miss being with you...

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