Sunday, January 31, 2010

after birthday shoot.

So after the surprise birthday party of my friend Richmond's mom, we decided to have a little night portrait shooting. ^_^

I scouted the playground earlier and found the right tree with those seashell(?) ornamental lights but unfortunately when i want back outside, all the monobloc chairs and tables were stacked nicely under that tree. :(

Good thing there was another tree with those kinds of ornamental lights. So we were able to do some funshots!

click the link for more photos: Helen King's Golden Birthday celebration

the Kings and their very surprised mother:
after party portraits

under the tree:
after party portraits

Richie and Jen:
after party portraits

Richmond and Marnelli:
after party portraits

Additions to my friend portraits:

Richmond King

marnelli tadeo

Jayjay, Me, Richmond, Marnelli:
after party portraits

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