Friday, July 02, 2010

Uruguay vs Ghana Street Celebration

After a very unforgettable win of Uruguay against Ghana, Uruguay has won it's first match to stay in the world cup semis. So what better way to celebrate than to shout it out in the streets! 

A lot of dancing and celebrating! It was really a pretty awesome experience to jump and sing out loud even though I don't understand what I was singing. :)) 

IMG_5469 IMG_5471IMG_5479 IMG_5483IMG_5493IMG_5504IMG_5523 IMG_5475IMG_5477 IMG_5484IMG_5462 IMG_5488IMG_5512IMG_5513IMG_5511IMG_5510IMG_5454 IMG_5474IMG_5492


  1. ang saya saya naman ng mga pictures! :)

  2. Nice pictures! Epal ako andami kong pics dyan haha!

  3. @kath, oo saya! nakakaaliw na mga tao. \:D/

    @pao, lol wingman mo ko. Have you met.... paolo? :))