Saturday, October 09, 2010

El Torreòn, Colonia

El Torreonnear the window.
The structure for El Torreòn is actually a tower (in tagalog, torre iyon. gets? :))).
Sadly I don't have any photo of the whole place. As I forgot and was a wee bit hungry at the time.
Note to self: Always take a picture of the outside venue.

The place has very nice ambiance with a bit of cold wind coming from the Rio de la Plata
Uruguayan cowboysmayastair plant soda bottlescubiertos

We dined al fresco which started (as always) with some bread and being tired with the usual parilla, we went with a hefty serving of fish.
Considering that Uruguay is not known for its seafood, it was still very good. :)
IMG_8206fish and chips fish and tomatosomething del mar 

and the finale! Dulce de leche con Helado!! \:D/
All done Daryldulce de leche con heladoWala na Dubs Mikewhat's up? Helado?Margarita
note: Paolo's picture is taking a picture of a picture. get it?


  1. waah! i didnt get it until you explained it. [-(

  2. wow! may fanta pa sila...:o kakamiss!