Wednesday, October 19, 2005

children of the corn

here is my theory of corniness for those of you who still thinks that being corny is corny. (no pun intended. Well maybe a little.)

In my honest opinion all people are corny (yes, even you dear reader!) they or rather you just don't know it yet. In my observation, being a person who admits corniness flows in my veins, people are just shy to show that they are corny.

Take this 2 scenarios for instance:

1.) In our org everytime I sit near them they say 'Manghahawa ka nanaman ng kacornihan mo' and eventually they would utter something corny then blame it on me. Hello! I didn't do anything (Yes I know Maritess, but let's not forget that fishes are Aquaman's subordinates, yep, even the tilapia your frying.)! All I did was sit there for crying out loud!

2.) In the office where I work, I was recently nominated for The Jubilee Paredes Last Comic Standing Award (and 3 other nominations) which of course was because of the fact that they deemed me worthy of such nomination. Also again there is still the blame it on the corny guy when someone utter a corny joke.

The difference between the 2 scenarios is that I have more officemates than orgmates hence the probability of having a corny guy around would logically be higher but inspite of that very high a difference they still managed to pinpoint me as one of the corniest. Oh well...

[note to self: aga ko sa office]


  1. hahahahaha ang corny mo talaga

  2. grabe ah... nice explanation.. pinanindigan mo na kacornihan natin... bwahehehehe.. Peace!

  3. i've heard that the hardest job in the world (figuratively speaking) is being a clown, its really hard to make people laugh but if you have the gift, use it. nakakagaan ka sa buhay ng mga tao. =) hahaha korni ko, nahawa ata ako sa iyo :P
    anyway, gusto mo lang ata ipagmalaki na nominated ka sa jubs award e (and yes the other 3 nominations) hehehe.. oh well at least it shows that people appreciates your korniness :)

  4. actually natuwa ako dahil ang ating big boss man is a corny man himself. Even naming the award after him (Pero grabe na kung gawing topeng francisco last comic standing). Atsaka Malay natin requisite managerial skill ang corniness!