Sunday, October 02, 2005

gimiks galore

hi peeps! It's been a while since my last post and wheew! I sure do miss posting stuffs in my blog. I do have time mind you, what's lacking is sheer will power. hahahahaha.. Bummer sobra tamad ko talaga. Anyway, recently I've added a wishlist in my blog and for those who don't know, October is my birthday month and you could just consolidate your gift money and buy me any one of the things in my wishlist... hahahahaha...

Saisaki Wednesdays!

A lot of planning went to this very event and snap! All I could remember was the smile on my face while laying on my bed on a full stomach.
The tempura wasn't as good as I imagined it though and there's no crab sticks and crab sashimi. But the heck! Sarap pa rin! Busog to the bone!
(Note: I know the pic is not tempura. I was so busy eating I forgot to take photos of most of the food.)

Badminton Thursdays!
Whew! Last last week we had to cancel badminton for our Office BINGO but I wasn't able to join my fellow SPLers because I went to Karl's place to watch some bleach episodes. (Talk about priorities. Hehehehe..) So what I meant to say is that I was excited to play badminton again. Nothing special really happened last thursday except of course a smack in the face of what smoking can do to you. Hahahaha.. and oh, lost my water jug... huhuhuhuhu.... good thing i went to tutuban last saturday.

Dampa Fridays! (Note: Rubber band not needed)
Friday! The most awaited day of the week. We went to Dampa in Sucat. We ordered sea foods all the way. We waited at least 1.5hrs before our orders came but sure is worth it. Slept again with a full stomach. ^___^

Soccer Saturdays!
Yay! My 2nd game of soccer. Got tired easily and proved less helpful to the team. (Sorry Pads and Ge. hehehe) It was also my first all the way from our house commute to Ultra. Again memory failed me for the Nth time by forgetting to bring some socks.. Dope! (In Homerian Accent) That's why I had to make a side trip to SM Dept store to buy some good thick socks because the last time I wore thin socks and lo and behold I got instant bruises galore to my
heel and sole.
After the game we went to R....... (forgot the name of the place) for dinner and we ate sisig. (I should stop eating really stop eating oily foods) Then I bought some DVDs as pasalubong to my kapatids.

Here ends my gimiks for last week. Looking at my ATM balance, I spent 25% of my salary. Which means by the end of the 3rd week of the month I might be flat broke!

PS. I Love You Mama.


  1. Dampa fridays(Note: Rubber band not needed)

    -astig ka pre, natawa ko dyan sa joke mo na yan ah... bwahehehe!

  2. Ampness!!! ang slow ko ndi ko kaagad nagets ung "Rubber Band not needed" hahahaha ang korni pa rin wakekekeke

  3. well di ko na kasalanan yun... hehehehe...

    some people just don't appreciate a good joke... hahahahaha... joke....

  4. waaaaa... i miss saisaki.. sushi.. ebriting japanese!! waaaaaaaaa..

    nakakagutom nman mga kinuhanan mo.. =P~ my craving's back again.. you!!

  5. gusto ko rin everything japanese... heheheheh

  6. pati pumunta ng japan gusto din ni topeng... bwaheheheheh... Alam ko kung bakit!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!