Friday, November 25, 2005

of passport application and graduation

today, a year ago i walked the aisle from being a college student to being a bum. For how many months, i don't remember. Yes! Today marks the first year of being a graduate. A lot of things happened before and after graduation. (which i don't think you want to hear.) And i'm happy that everything when well enough for me. Got myself a pretty good job in SPL, very nice officemates, a really cozy atmosphere and i think i'll fit in for the years to come (with some business on the side of course)

also today marks my very first passport application that took me half a day instead of just 3hrs because i had to go back home to get my student id and my transcript because i don't have any other valid proof of whatever i need to prove. LRT made me stand for more than an hour because of some technical problems that really made my happy feet sore.

Tomorrow I'll do another amateur film for our skit presantation. Hope everything starts and ends well...