Tuesday, March 14, 2006

geek awakening

even in the early days a lot of my friends considered me as a computer expert. Able to troubleshoot anything a computer could throw at me. May it be a simple tweaking here and there or the dreaded BSOD, I would conquer.

But what a lot of them doesn't know is that I wouldn't have known even half of those things if I hadn't experienced or rather created them myself. Bwehehehehe...

My first computer assembly was initiated by my first computer disassembly. It all started with an itch to look at what's inside my computer. So even without any real prior knowledge to pc hardware assembly I went straight to disassembling the desktop pc my lola gave to us, her apos. With luck and shear determination I somehow reassembled it as it should have been and the only aftermath is a super dirty room that could have been thought of as a mine field of screws.

That first computer assembly experience magnified my craving for anything about computers. I was now thinking of upgrading my computer
or rather an almost total system overhaul. But due to lack of financial means I tried different money making schemes (racket kung baga) which was fruitful to the extent that i was able to buy the necessary parts that I would need for the upgrade in less than a year.

---> I was supposed to disclose more info on this post but due to personal reasons i will end it with this dot (.)


  1. geek awakening indeed.

  2. naku pag sinabe ni tops yan baka pati ung higante nang buhay ni tops dati makwento nya..


    my PC is proudly assembled by my master.. Topeng!!!

    Kelangan Pa Bang I-Memorize Yan?

  3. barok behave... hahahahhahaha.... nung mga elementary pa nga lang pala ako pinapanood ko lang tita ko mangalikot ng pc... kaya ngayun kung ano ano na kinakalikot ko.... wakokokokoko...

  4. Correction: robot ang una mong dinis-assemble. Yun nga lang hindi nai-re-assemble? WOW! Imagine yourself now kung nabuo yung robot nuon?

    Remember "Kristoffer Family Computer Shop?" tatatataratjan! (to the tune of mario & luigi, hehehe)