Monday, March 20, 2006


relax... calm down... no... i just can't! But I must!

Being level headed is the key to most successes. Well pressure is ok to keep your adrenaline level up but being level headed gives you more control of you and your surroundings more than you think. >>>

Well actually I'm just trying to rationalize myself because I'm about to explode if I couldn't still figure how the heck I would solve this... darn...

1...2...3... goosfraba....

*** added a song to my Penguin.Radio entitled "I feel pretty" from anger management. This song reminds me of a certain special someone .


  1. oks lang yan topeng... wakokokoko! isipin mo na lang meron pa... wakokokoko! kaya yan! kipitap!

  2. kaya mu yan! err..whatever that is u'r in.. napaka vague e. di mo alam kung containing success or containing disappointment..nevertheless, i know you can overcome it! :D -mat

  3. wag ka ma pressure tol..

    sayo lang naman umaasa ang buong pilipinas e..

    at nasa kamay mo lang naman ang ikauunlad nang ating bayan..