Tuesday, April 24, 2007

saan francisco? san francisco!

airport arrival time: 9:00AM
hotel check-in time: 3:00PM
room status: all rooms occupied till check-in time.
reaction: violent

Sitting my butt off for almost 24hrs, I decided to leave my baggages at the front desk and took a walk in the streets of San Francisco. Prior to leaving Manila, I decided to just wear slippers to avoid the hassle of removing footwear at the airport security check point. Big mistake! I forgot how cold it could get compared to the hot-humid-sweat-making air in manila.

So there I was, toe nails turning violet, walking with no real destination in mind. Good thing i've came across a cafe with free WiFi access. So a cup of hot chocolate and 5hrs later, I was finally checked-in.



Before sleeping, I was so happy to see a Digital alarm clock that can use its built in CD player as an alarm. Being a noob that I was, I just set it to CD play alarm then slept...

for 12hrs...

Good thing it was still a weekend so all was good.

So Sunday evening, selected CD alarm mode again then slept..

for 12hrs...

Frustrated I played the CD to know its content then lo and behold! It was a sleep and relaxation CD!



My first dinner there, I decided to eat at Burger King which was a few blocks away from the hotel. With a mind-set of 1 week San Francisco and the rest in Barbados, I only brought my wind breaker jacket. So with more cold air than wind to break I've learned my lesson.




night mode


chin park in the big city

nakalimutan ko kung mataas sya or pyramid shape talaga.



  1. ganda ng mga blog titles mo mula ng umalis ka ha. clever indeed. :)) pano pag barbados na? gud luck kakaisip ng "sounds-like" para dun. :))

  2. hahaha.. nagpapatagal lang naman talga yung blog titles e. :))

  3. How's it going? Your self-deprecating humor (and not so self-deprecating ones) is still getting funnier I see. +EXP Hey nice pics.

  4. @ian
    wala ako masabe.. wakekeke

    lol.. +EXP dapat, nakuha ko na heroic key ko sa SPL e. :))