Monday, April 16, 2007

yey bora!

it was friday and it also was the 13th, yet I can't contain my excitement. T'was because that day was the day we went to Boracay! It was 3 night and 4 days of absolute fun under the sun and moon na rin.

The previous week mushy and i went to an intense stomach diet of fat burning soup. At first i was skeptic about the idea of eating just veggies in tomato soup and fruits day after day after day (kasi 3 days lang), but hmmm.. how would i say this... i loved it more than mushy. :))

So back to bora, the plan was we will eat to our hearts content after our endeavor or should i say enDEVOUR of veggies and fruits. So after the long trip and skipping lunch, we were finally there and very much hungry.

So after settling down in the comfy Orchids resort [which should give me a discount the next time around for obvious reasons] we walked the path of white sands and found a turo mo luto ko restaurant [which won't give me reason for obvious reasons] we were ready to order.

mushy was so happy to get a hold of the menu.

[there should have been some photos of food here but i was too hungry at that time]

After dinner we got separated with the others so we just went night swimming with the corn smelling weeds and then retired back to orchids thereafter.

no wonder we couldn't find them..
one was turning invisible and the other one is a friend of
darker than black :))

after some good night's sleep, it's time to go snorkeling and island hopping.

snork snork snork.

we saw a lot of sea creatures and was lucky enough to spot a sea monkey!

after a lil bit of snorkling we ate a feast. Ironically, I was the one who ate the least. I still don't know if i should thank the soup or hate it because it changed my stomach capacity. :p

After eating next stop was island cove.

the only group picture we had :))

This place has 2 caves that also has an opening near the sea. So we were like in 8 waves only this was real. for more photos visit mushy's bora photo.

It was about 4:30pm when we finished so after some more...

feet grinding.


(which i thought was jonel's)

we finally decided to call it a day.

The next morning it was for some of the gang to leave. Well, Glenn, Goy, Mushy and I decided to get another day out of the bora adventure.

the survivors

first couple

second couple

The day after our last day in bora is our first anniversary. So what better way to pre-celebrate it than to do something special. :D

up up and away!
(Thank you to the magnificently sun burned Glenn for taking our photos)

After the sky high experience, it's time to go take a dip again.

and so before going dark...

and some henna tatoo..

we decided to go to D' Mall.

and tried to score 28.

but utterly failed. :))

after buying some souvenirs and going to Jonah's again...

and collecting some more white sands...

it's finally time to sit back, relax and enjoy our final night at boracay.


  1. Sea monkey amp! wakokokoko.. pare Dave naman sana nilagay mo hindi goy para mas natuwa ako.. wakokokok

  2. i heart boracay.:D para kang si pichay kase pangarap mo tuparin ang mga pangarap ko. wakokoko.

    bakit parang hindi obvious sa kin ung reasons? :-/ slow siguro ako. :))

  3. kasi yung sa orchids meron ako plug in ng place nila..

    yung sa kinainan natin nakalimutan ko name.. mas marami pa tayo na inom na tubig kesa nakain dun e. :))

  4. pano mo ginawa yung pic nung may tumalon sa bato (tapos may trail ng images nya jumping)? was it on slow shutter speed and focus locked on him? or photoshop?

    - si mina ito :P

  5. burst shot then overlay lang yan.. in short photoshop. :))

    hmm.. should've tried slow shutter. :D

    Saw your photos! grabe ang ganda! I'm not worthy!