Thursday, February 04, 2010

binondo food walk

I'll just give a short description of all the places we went to and let the pictures tell how fun and delicious the Binondo Chinatown food walk was. ^__^

Tasty Dumplings
better call them Tasty porkchops as well.
to siomai love

tasty dumpling team
tasty dumpling menu cheers to that! first stop, tasty dumplings

Dong Bei Dumplings
pork with kuchay dumplings, only was able to taste 1 dumpling, need to go back for this one.
in the beginning

dimsum to new heights
second stop, Dong Bei Dumplings.

kiampong goodness!
pork maki

tikoy towers
third stop, Chuankee joey & jen mush with a twist of tea blends balls balls balls balls

5 words; Beef Wanton Chicken Asado Mami.
infamous big siomai & sauce

drip it beef wanton chicken asado (noodles) fifth stop, Masuki oh mi oh mami mas :) ki

Xiao Long Pao = A must try dimsum with soup on the insides.
Xiao Long Pao (the dimsum with somekinda soup inside)

sixth stop, Suzhou Dimsum
oyster omellete tea cup jen & the Xiao Long Pao

one of the best pork asados i've ever tasted. srzly.
asado =p~

Portuguese Rice
seventh stop, Lido lido

going, going, gone in to my stomach chicken.

eigth stop, sincerity
going going

i'm done with the food part but not yet with the fun part.

moments: joey & jen

moments: ge & iam
moments: jaejay and linelmoments later: jaejay and linel moments: kelvin and hubes


sa init ge bangag the cat kiss cat jen & joey louie with his 7D in the below of the po click!haba ng patilya i am therefore iam mush with a 1000D sincere neo nomnomnomn?! louie + 5DMK2

Till next time guys!

back of the little red back pack man.
back of the little red back pack man

ano ang tawag sa mais na mas nakakaangat?

yun mga nakaangat, mas corny
mas corny.

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