Saturday, February 13, 2010

tayo na sa Antipolo! a pre-valentine road trip

Since the Marilou Diaz-Abaya film institute, decided to move their seminar at a later date, and joyce, jason, mushy and I, without any other plans for the weekend, decided to head still to Antipolo and go wherever tense could lead us.

First stop: Antipolo Church:

To those first time visitors, you can go inside the church premises and park there, don't make the same mistake as we did, to drive around the area to find parking space, because you won't find any.

antipolo church

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Antipolo Church Plaza:
Just outside the premises of Antipolo church lies the plaza with many tiangges.
tayo na sa antipolo tayo na sa antipolo
tiangge _MG_8437 _MG_8441 _MG_8442 _MG_8443 _MG_8444 _MG_8445 _MG_8448 tayo na sa antipolo _MG_8454 _MG_8458

Kasuy at Suman ni Aling Belen:
One of the main pasalubongs that people go to Antipolo for is Kasuy! And here we can find the cheapest kasuy outside of the metro, we were able to buy 1kg of kasuy for Php 550.00 which didn't last us a week. lol.

Aling Belen's Suman & Kasoy _MG_8465 _MG_8469 _MG_8470 _MG_8471 _MG_8473 _MG_8474 _MG_8476 _MG_8479

Lunch at Cloud 9:
There is no doubt in my mind that i will be coming back here well prepared to take a photo of the city scape.
This is possibly the best view of the different business districts of Makati, Pasig and Libis.
Sad to say though that I was so hungry that I totally forgot to take pictures of what we ate

cloud 9 silaw ? balang araw mapapasa akin ka rin blind musician ants cloudy with a chance of window grids reflection

panira yun taga sarado ng ilaw

lion plant so ready power of love my beautiful reflector girl santa bear

mahangin sa labas
lx3 and mushy

joyce joyce lx3 lx3 and joyce mushy :D mahangin sa loob click lx3 hmmm

Meralco Management & Leadership Development Center:
who would've thought that Meralco has an Aviary Park in Antipolo? Perfect place to have a picnic and relaxing afternoon. They have a restaurant were we ate our meryenda.

It was also nice to see signs with quotes regarding the benefits of walking.


_MG_8584 _MG_8588 _MG_8589 _MG_8591 _MG_8603 _MG_8610 _MG_8614 _MG_8617 _MG_8618 _MG_8619 _MG_8624 _MG_8646 _MG_8696

no kiss for you. lol

kiss? _MG_8632 _MG_8631 _MG_8630mushy_MG_8650 _MG_8651



_MG_8666 _MG_8677 _MG_8675 _MG_8668 lumalablyp _MG_8685 _MG_8686

Boso Boso church:
We had to cross a mountain or two before reaching this very old church. We almost did not made it, since it was getting dark, but thanks to our perseverance, we got to our destination. :)

bosoboso church

bosoboso church bosoboso church bosoboso church bosoboso church bosoboso church bosoboso church bosoboso church

Dinner at Cloud 9:
Since i was still in awe with Cloud 9, we (I, the driver, lol) decided to go back to Cloud 9. I think we were all still full from the meryenda at MMDLC that's why we decided to have a 1hour videoke session here.

_MG_8727 _MG_8728 _MG_8731 _MG_8734 _MG_8735 _MG_8738 _MG_8742 _MG_8743 _MG_8744 _MG_8745

song boocks

_MG_8748 _MG_8749 _MG_8751 _MG_8752 _MG_8753 _MG_8754


  1. ang gaganda naman ng pics! inggit ako! hahaha.. *clap clap*

  2. hi! im planning to visit boso boso church? how to get there from antipolo church?[via own car] pls help.. thnks