Sunday, May 30, 2010

TUTORIAL: Adding your name to the Exif Data (Canon System)

Exif SampleReally want to personalize your camera and each and every photo you take?
Then customize your Exif Data!

For simplicities sake, an Exif data is the properties embedded in the photo.
E.g Camera settings, file size, etc. (As seen on the photo on the left)

The goal of this tutorial is to automatically tag your photos with your name and/or
alias whichever you prefer. (See photo on the left with yellow highlight)

Note: This tutorial only works for Canon systems.

Step 1: Go to EOS Utility
- This is an application that is included in your camera CD installer.

Step 2: Click Camera settings/Remote Shooting

Camera Settings

Step 3: Go to Set-up menu.
-Change the following:
        - Owner's Name
        - Author
        - Copyright.

Step 4 and Final step: Shoot it out and have some fun!

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