Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Basilica de Lujan

on to the church

Leaving for Montevideo in a few weeks, I had to explore somewhere outside of the Buenos Aires Capital! Good thing my friend Ricardo is willing to be my tour guide for the day so onward to the neo-gothic Basilica de Lujan! \:D/ 
Lujan is a few kilometers northwest of Buenos Aires, so we had to rent a car to go to Lujan.
The church was the tallest structure around the area that even from the highway you can see its massive structure.
Fun Fact: Every state of Argentina has a central city the same name as its state. E.g. There is a Buenos Aires state and a Buenos Aires city. ^__^
maptoll gate to Lujanchurch from afar

Walking towards the church only magnified the grandiosity of its neo-gothic architecture.
side churchthe doorchurch post

The area around the church which I think is about 2 square Kilometers is surrounded by different museums and the streets are covered with crazy cut tiles. Nothing against the motherland but the whole area is cleaner than what I've usually grown accustomed too. :))
on ward homosaic tilesturistas

Too bad though that it was not cloudy when we went there to add a bit of spice to the plain blue sky background.
up topfront crop
two towersschema

Being a neo-gothic architecture there are some gargoyles sitting on the church aside from the usual rock saints.
gargoyle3 watchers

As a mass was currently on going at that time I was not able to take some photos of the insides of the church. Also I did not go to their advertised labyrinth on the basement of the church. The reason was I was struck by the case of being a penny pincher at that time. =P

After strolling inside the church, we decided to go to the different museums around the church. There were three museums if I'm not mistaken, one with an airplane, an old town hall and a train museum. All 3 were still closed but opened after 10 minutes. \:D/

We decided to just go to the old town hall museum so as we still have to visit El Tigre, another city with a river cruise to offer.

museumhaciendadoor door door

If the representation of the scaled town was accurate, the town was previously a dirt road common to old barrios of the past.
old townpenguin feetIMG_4611

And that is it... now off to El Tigre!!!

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