Saturday, November 13, 2010

Patrimonio, Colonia

sun walk

During my last two visit in Colonia, the best place to hang out was in the Restaurante de Patrimonio.  
Part of the reason is the loading dock that you can go to to take this awesome photo above.  

Too bad though that the it was daylight savings time and even though it was late, the sun was still too high for a decent sunset shot. :(

After walking around Colonia for several hours, the team all seemed very tired.
As all their heads are bowed... oh wait... the resto just have wifi... nvm. :))
ayepatrimonio menulinel

Since we cannot hang out without ordering anything, we bought some sandwiches, drinks and dessert (all time favorite)!!
hamon y queso panDulce de leche con helado

before I forget, they have very catchy comfort room signs. :p
And that's about it. A fine way to end the Colonia trip and chilax before going back to the bus station to go back to Montevideo. :)

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