Saturday, November 13, 2010

Puperia D Los Farioles, Colonia

Windows Arriving in Colonia a few minutes before lunch, the first thing we set out for was look for something to eat!
After a few blocks of walking from the bus station to inner Colonia,  we  decided to eat at the first restaurant we saw. The "Puperia D Los Farioles".

Most of the customers decided to eat al dente, but being oh so hot, we decided to eat inside instead.

The place was like a renovated brick house with some (indian?) tapestries.
insidewine rack

So while waiting for the food to come, the only logical thing to do is take some more pictures! ^__^
mike and dubsdaryl, aye and pao
linelmanny dubsB&W LX5salt shaker

And now, after a very long wait... some mediocre food! :|
We had some hard Bife de lomo con champignion, Aros (something) and Beef Stroganoff.

bife de lomo y champinion con ensaladaarosIMG_8608

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