Wednesday, July 19, 2006

da bow davao - friday

after some lite sleeping our destination was Chema's by the sea. The port to Chema's was way way better than what I was expecting.

the company @ the port to Chema's

after a 15 minute boat ride

Chema's at last

Chema's was very serene. Indeed if you were to stay in Davao for some decent R&R this would be the place to be.

after waiting...


and waiting...

our food finally came. They said that the delay was because they had to get the eggs from the main island. I would've complained more if the food wasn't great, good thing it was.

Halo halo Mais con Yelo (pala) ni Au na kuha ni Au.
Au has an eye for photography.
All she needs is her own SLRs. ^__^

after resting for a while... The beach at last!

I was really looking forward to a nice sunset but alas the clouds were not in my favor.

so after the whole afternoon dip we had some very tasty chicken, sisig and other non-diet helping dish.

then videoke till sleep finally caught us.



  1. miss ko na davao! :((
    miss ko na ang dati kong katawan. :))

  2. ay kaya pala hindi makulay. :))

  3. husay ng pics as usual.... hehehe

    pansin ko lang, parang madalas yung pictures na nakatalikod kayo ni nina a :P

  4. oist! talking about me behind my back :p

    nice pics! :D