Sunday, July 16, 2006

da bow davao - thursday

it was the 6th of july, thursday. Straight from the office, we went to a domestic airport, having purchased Cebu Pacific Promo tickets for only Php10.00 (+tax), all of us were giddy. Our destination, davao.

the plane came 1hr later than expected, Cebu Pacific you failed me! Way back I think they had an ad about their planes being earlier than usual diverting from the Filipino maƱana habit.. Boo!

well after the wait we were seated at last and a few minutes, Mushy and I were napping... I woke up shortly after some turbulence and maybe because subconciously I felt that the snacks was being served.

After distributing all the snacks, the stewardess started some q&a games in which I won a tout bag! Cebu Pacific you've redeemed yourself! (Question: What was the name of the stewardess on the back of the plane. Answer: Lovely [It was purely coincidental that I read her name plate earlier before boarding... promise... and no.. I'm not guilty.])

2:45hrs later... Davao airport.
at last after more than 3 months of waiting we were in Davao at last. Cheche, a very friendly and hospitable friend (salamat sa free lodging at masarap na pagkain Chechers. ^___^) of Mushy was nice enough to tour us around Davao and also Gen San. (more on that later)

From the airport, we went straight to Jack's ridge. I too don't know Jack, but the overlooking was great!

after some more photo-taking from the group, which from here on we will call the company (para favorite na rin ni kitie) we went to Checher's apartment.

the company.

flaunting some booty or the lack of it. =P

After eating some sisig with mayo and repacking some stuffs for the next day we went to sleep.


  1. pakopya ng entry! :))

    lagot ka kay chechers nyan. pagkatapos tayo pakainin at ipag-drive...[-( Tsk, pasalamat ka mahal kita.

  2. pabiro ko naman sinulat e... anyways pinalitan ko na kasi either way tama naman lahat... =P

  3. lahat naman has his/her own perspective.

    siguro naman alam mo na it's not my thing to post any derogatory remarks dito sa blog ko.

    It was meant to be humurous in nature. Pero as I said 'lahat naman has his/her own perspective.'

    - let there be peace on earth and let it begin with meeeee.....