Monday, July 31, 2006

da bow davao - saturday

waking up 30 minutes behind schedule, we had to haste things up in order to catch the boat to Pearl Farm. Returning to the main land port we had to wait for a while because there was only 1 'daungan' for us to go. We asked if the boat could just head straight to the port to Pearl farm,which was just some knots away, and the bankero (ano ba tawag sa driver ng bangka?) gladly obliged.

but lo and behold only 1 daungan was also available on that port so by the time we went back to the first port we now really had to rush things up. So after docking we ran to Cheche's car, which took a while because we carried a lot of stuffs and then after driving to the port to Pearl farm we had to stop to register and they took my pack of Cloud 9... huhuhuhuhuhu... because they don't allow people to bring food to Pearl farm.

Actually the first two paragraphs where there just so that I could rant about them taking my Cloud 9. Now on with the photos... bwehehehehe.... (which would yield 1000 words per photo from the formula of the band Bread with the song 'If')

yes we really did go to Pearl Farm...

and the girls were jumping with joy!

so with extreme fun under the sun...

even the shadows can't help smiling!

au was pretty much enjoying herself...

and me without a clue!

tulong tulong sa pagsulong

the end start...


  1. lam ko kung bakit matagal...

    ang hirap kse maghanap ng picture na hindi nakaka-eskandalo e =))

  2. ang taas naman tumalon ng mga girls!

  3. ung picture ni au ung nakakaskandalo sarah....hahahahahahaha

  4. i loved the last pic.. cute :D