Monday, March 22, 2010

Bolinao: Third and Last Day

And now the end is near, so we face the final day of our tour... Alas, every good thing has to end including this one. 
 _MG_0470 _MG_0476_MG_0446


The last day started with a simple meal, as usual, it was expensive (good thing breakfast is inclusive with the room rent) and slow to be served.

We were all expecting a buffet just like the previous day so we were a bid dismayed to find out that it was not the case. I think breakfast buffets are only served on weekdays and/or when there a lot of people (other than us).

Glenn-Ellen _MG_0544_MG_0508_MG_0549

After breakfast, my lovely assistant and I did another prenup session for Glenn and Ellen.

Note: To those who doesn't know what Nina is holding, that is what you call a diffuser.
You can use almost anything translucent as a diffuser; so in my case i used the inside part of a commercial reflector to block the harsh shadow of some tree branches.


Since we don't want to waste anytime, we went to the jacuzzi as we haven't tried it yet. I was a bit disappointed since the jacuzzi was only pee warm and I was expecting something that could really destress my muscles.

jump it off jump it offjump it off
group shotgroup shot

Time to go home! But no trip is complete without group and jump shots!

_MG_0600Time to walk to another space, adventure awaits wherever the place.

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