Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bolinao: First Day

As I thought I will be leaving on the first week of April, My friends and I were able to come out with an out of town trip for Bolinao,Pangasinan. This was not my first time trip to the Bolinao beach, but I'm thankful to go back here as this will be my first to roam around the developing tourist destination of Bolinao.
Patar Lighthouse Balsa

Thanks to GlEllen (Glenn and Ellen) we were able to get some decent accommodations courtesy of  Puerto Del Sol. Personally I have mixed feelings towards the place, which I will discussed over several of my Bolinao posts.

Puerto del solGrupman_MG_9863

Arriving at Puerto del Sol 8 hours ahead of the check-in schedule of 2PM, we chose not to avail of the early check-in as there was an early check-in fee (oh my gas!) which is billed by the hour (double gas!) for 10% of the room rate, which for us was 390/hr.

Good thing we can just leave our belongings at Kuya Bebot's Urvan, sidenote, Kuya Bebot can gutter drift along Pangasinans curved roads lol, so we just decided to head to the bayan for breakfast and to do some early touring stuff.

Adora: BBQAdora
Adora: TapsilogAdoraAdora: Hotsilog

The nearest eatery we can find was beside Bolinao church called Adora's. Again, not that I'm complaining, for me a common tapsilogan should not cost more than Php 80.00, especially since there was nothing special about the taste. Also, it was weird that the menu on the wall has no price indicated in it, which leads us to believe that we got the special tourist price for our breakfast.

_MG_9884in front of the churchin front of the churchCandol

After eating and walking a few meters away from Adora comes the Bolinao Church. The inside of the church was under renovation at that time. Not much to see here, so we decided to go the Marine Life Institute! Wohoo!

Marine Life (na hindi binabaan dahil closed)

Which was a FAILure since it was closed for cleaning!
and double fail since we got lost trying to find it the first time. 

growEnchanted Cave

Enchanted Caveflora
cabbage patch?White Vader
Near Puerto Del Sol lies the Enchanted Cave, a medium sized cavern filled with a natural pool, that I don't have any pictures of since i thought it would be slippery inside and because I'm itching for a dip.

The pool was a bit cold but relaxing. There was a bunch of ropes tied from end to end for floating support since its hard to walk entirely on the spikey rock bottom. The bantay inside also told us that there is an underwater cave that has not yet been fully explored. I foreigner tried diving for an hour but found his equipments insuffient for the dive, hence he'll be back with supplies and hopefully to reach the other end of the underwater cave.

Elbo SchidElbo SchidElbo SchidElbo SchidElbo Schid
Guess who's hungry?

ET phone home
Guess who?

Halo halo
Puerto Del Sol: Tuna SisigPuerto Del Sol: Kangkong topping
Puerto Del Sol: Kalderetacanon
At last the food arrived! After waiting for an hour, a well presented dish was at last served. The tuna sisig was good, the kaldereta was a bit tough, the kangkong with lechon kawali was very delicious! (I'm a bit bias since i've been on a no fried food diet for 3 weeks) Overall the serving time was a bit slow even with the excuse of a good food presentation as the price should have compensated for this.


The real reason for going to Bolinao! Glenn and Ellen asked me if I could do a little prenup pictorial for them. Me being a true friend (and also since I'm out of the country for their wedding :| ) gladly oblidged. :) So first stop for the pictorial was near the Patar Lighthouse. 

For more photos please click (no wait, I'm not done with the pictures yet. lol)

Sun Baking

mush and me shadownga bata
And next stop, Patar Beach. I was hoping for a good sunset shot, but alas I've missed that precious 5 minute window. So after the short shoot, we had fun at the beach. \:D/

end of the day, dinner again at Puerto del Sol which again was consistent with the lunch, good food, good presentation, long waiting time for the food to be served. Although it was nice that we got serenaded by the manager/guitarista. 



  1. nice shots! can't wait to see the rest of the pre-nup pictures :)

  2. ganda ng mga pics...tsaka best actor talaga si elbo!

  3. thanks anj, it's taking a while since glenn asked me to make him like Piolo Pascual, said he already is (gay). But he clarified it as he meant physically. So yeah, it will take a while.

  4. husay! ganda ng composition nung unag prenup pic ;-) -kaloy

  5. Salamat kaloy. Onting practice pa tapos hopefully more to come. ^__^

  6. lurve this post as it appeared like we are not having any issues with the vacay at all..=))thanks for highlighting elbo's crying scenes, very hilarious!LOL..more photos!

  7. @mheng, no to issues! no no emo rangers!