Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I choose you! House of Wagyu!

House of Wagyu: Entrance

Celebrating our fourth year anniversary a month in advance, and also since I've lost the bet who will shed 5lbs first, Mushy and I went to celebrate at the House of Wagyu located at the fifth floor of the Podium.

House of Wagyu: Raw SteakHouse of Wagyu: Ref of WagyuHouse of Wagyu: Raw Steak
Entering the establishment, you can immediately see a big chiller containing most if not all of their uncut steak.

House of Wagyu: Ambiance
Inside, you can feel the level of exclusivity of a fine dining restaurant. The ambiance is indeed good for special date occasions. ^__^

House of Wagyu: BimpoletHouse of WagyuHouse of Wagyu: W is for Wagyu
| girlfriend | model | winner |

House of Wagyu: Different kinds of steak
Immediately after being seated, the attentive waiters presented us with the different selection of steaks we can order. We ordered a grade 8: rib eye and a grade 8 tenderloin. According to different sources from google, the higher the grade, the more (healthy) fat content, which attributes to the melt in mouth experience.

House of Wagyu: Spinach soup
House of Wagyu: Bread modelHouse of Wagyu: Soup tasting
As entree to the wagyu experience, they serve the soup of the day, in this case, the spinach soup and an unlimited serving of bread and butter. The soup was delicious for me since i love creamy based soups. (I also love the soup/bread model. =P)

Getting ReadyHouse of Wagyu: BimpoletGetting Ready

after the entree, the waiter will ask if you are ready with the main course and will politely put on your steak bib (a first for me).

House of Wagyu: Grade 8 | Medium Well | Rib EyeHouse of Wagyu: Grade 8 | Medium Well | Rib Eye

the slab of steak was served a top a hot slab of stone. The rib eye was cooked medium well while the tenderloin was medium. Also, there is unlimited serving of side dishes which we almost ignored since all our focus was on the steak.

House of Wagyu: Stone GrillHouse of Wagyu: Grade 8 | Tenderloin | MediumHouse of Wagyu: Raw center

since it was our first time eating steak without a sauce, the waiter instructed us to put the steak in a plate, called a 'resting plate', and slice it there and only grill the parts you are about to eat. If i have known this i would've ask them to give it to me raw, so i could have savored the raw experience.

House of WagyuHouse of Wagyu: taste test success

with only salt as spice, it was time for a taste test, the meat was indeed flavorful and the rumors of melt in your mouth steak was true! No words could truly explain how good the steak was so I'll let my model elaborate it through a thousand words.

House of Wagyu

Alas! all things must end so we finished our dinner with a full stomach, an empty wallet and a smile on our face. The food was great, the service was splendid, the price is only for special occasions. :))

House of Wagyu: Accomodating Waiters
Mushy and the professional waiters

How does Lady Gaga like her steaks?
        Answer: Raw raw raw raw raw - c/o Manny P.


  1. nice nice! congrats sa 4th year anniv! akala ko talaga nung december! "likesary" lang pala yon :))

    natawa nga pala ako sa... "I also love the soup/bread model. =P" :)) kelangan isingit talaga? :))

  2. sana makita nung mga waiters tong post mo...inaabangan nila e.:))

  3. @au,
    yan ang tinatawag nilang special kunsumisyon sa work diet.

    op kors. special date deserved a special singit. :))

    hahah oo nga, todo bola na nga ginawa ko sa post. Deserving naman e. (pati sa comment na rin) :))