Monday, June 27, 2005

badminton virgin

I was invited by cora and the gang to play badminton somewhere in Casimiro, Las Piñas. At first I was hesitant because it was my very first time playing in a badminton court. Heck it was my first time playing badminton after 6 years. The last time I played badminton was way way way back 2nd year HS and that was because of P.E. I wasn't nervous mind you, I was excited.

This could be my first ever official sport. I'm really not a sportsy kind of guy. I don't know bball, i don't know err... just about anything bout any sport. That explains why I have a lousy physique.

Hmmm.. actually now that i've thought of it I'm making badminton my sport of choice because on friday this week I will buy my very first badminton racket.. Woopedoo.. So if you could give me some advices on badminton, I would appreciate it very much.

S O M E P H O T O S :

badminton buddies


air ludwick

dona - jump high

belmond - abangers


shen - thinking of someone

cora - player

no further introduction needed



  1. Wow you are so lucky to play your favourite sports on the badminton court. Yonex Badminton is my favourite racket. Every player has their own favourite badminton racquet. Some may use their racket for very time and some till the head frame and shaft in good condition. Which one your favourite ?

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