Friday, June 03, 2005

The day I found my rubberducky

Wohoo! At first I was so frustrated because I can't seem to find a bag to buy just this evening. I was really eyeing one of those Samsonite backpacks as in I was drooling to buy them coz I really need a bag for tomorrow to hold my precious (Canon 350D). Well technically my fasha's (tatay) DSLR but soon I would have enough money to buy my own... heehhehe... soon... anyways going back, I could have bought them if I didn't also need to buy a pair of shoes but alas I do; so I was looking all over Landmark and Glorietta and that leads me to Toby's where I saw the (i mean my) rubberducky dry bag.

Yey! The perfect knapsack bag for the DSLR because it's water proof and doesn't look that you would hold valuables inside ! Wohoo!!! Just perfect....

my rubberducky

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