Tuesday, June 28, 2005

five things you may not know about me

~Five Things You May Not Know About My Time in High School~

1. I was a heartrob.
Note: was. So stop laughing.

2. I was an active fratman (Scout Royale Brotherhood)

3. I roared inside the gym wearing only my briefs (sabayang bigkas 3rd year)

4. I roared inside the gym wearing only my briefs (sabayang bigkas 4rth year... pumatok e)

5. I never graduated CAT.

~Five Things You May Not Know About the Job/s I Have (or Had)~

1. I was a water delivery boy

2. I'm an in house photographer in our studio

3. I've sold more than a hundred CD's in college.

4. I worked as an unpayed contractor without a contract in the software house where I took my OJT. The reason... you don't want to know... >:D

5. I work as a probationary employee at SPL (just SPL, it was an acronym though)

~Five Things You May Not Know About Where I Live~

1. We live at tondo

Half the block is my relative

3. We have a house at North Susana in Quezon City

I don't know If I have a province I can call my own

5. I seldom go out of the house

~Five Things You May Not Know About My Home Life~

1. I'm always doing something when I'm at home.

2. I'm an all around boy

3. When I'm at home it means my computer is on.

4. I'm nocturnal.. I'm more active at night

5. I only sleep for 4hours a day

~Five Things You May Not Know About My Love Life~

1. I had my first crush in grade 1. She was my crush till grade 5

2. My 1st gf lasted 2 weeks. I was a in 1st year HS.

3. My 2nd gf lasted again for 2 weeks. I was still in 1st year HS.

4. My 3rd gf lasted for 4 years from 3rd year HS till I graduated college.

5. Today, single blessedness... or is it? hehehehehe

~Five Things You May Not Know that I Desperately Want~

1. My own hard earned Canon 350D Digital SLR camera

2. A Yonex Muscle Power 99 Badminton Racquet

3. An 02 Mini PDA phone

4. An Athlon 64+ Complete Rig

5. My own business

~Five Embarrassing Admissions I Have That You May Not Know~

1. I always forgot wearing brief when i was a kinder

2. I was grade 5 back then when I stepped on crap. Had to use a BBQ stick to get some out of the crevaces of my shoe. It stinked all over the classroom.

3. I almost had a fight when I thought my friend was the one who said "Di pa ako naliligo" so I said loudly, "Kaya ang baho baho mo e!" then this big guy approached me and almost punched me in the face... good thing I was able to explain or all else all hell would have gone loose.

4. Back in college I forgot I was still wearing my slippers going to school so I had to go back home.

5. I was beaten in public by a girl... hahahahaha.

~Five Things You May Not Know About What I Do in a Typical Day~

1. I occasionally blank out.

2. I always look at the ceilings for no apparent reason... (baka may butiki)

3. I go to work late... I go home late... I sleep late... I wake up early... kala nyo ha

4. I think... a lot... not very good for the health

5. I do a very corny joke... my day isn't complete without a corny joke... It's by impulse

Got this one from Dave and Cossette.


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  2. "5. I was beaten in public by a girl... hahahahaha" - tawa ko ng tawa nung binabasa ko to... bwaheheheh