Monday, June 13, 2005

tayo na sa Antipolo

I've never been to Antipolo before, not until yesterday that is. I was at a bar till early morning last saturday, (thus i should rephrase my last post to boring saturday morning. hehehe.), say 4am! with some friends. A friend of ours, Ford treated us because he is going to Japan later this week. Ingat ford ^___^ <--(japanese smiley)

My original schedule was to sleep over Dennis' place coz he wants me to teach him some basic video editing. Not wanting to sleep over another friends house (because I have this habit that when I sleep late on a friends house, no one could wake me up, unless they do some extreme measures of course and thank God they haven't... yet) I went straight to Cainta.

I rode an fx at Shaw and took a short nap. Unfortunately the short nap turned into a deep sleep. Awoken by the other passengers disembarking the FX, I asked the driver 'Manong, Brookside?' then he said 'Boy, lagpas ka na. Dapat sinabi mo kanina!', 'Ahehehhe, nakatulog po ako e.
(Well I could have if I'm a sleep talker)'

tayo na sa Antipolo...

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  1. opo...

    paminsan minsan na nga lang yan ngayon e... dati madalas.. O__o