Thursday, June 16, 2005


She smiles.
She holds my hand.
She kisses my forehead.
She says ILOVEYOU and mean it.
She hugs me every chance she gets.
She knows me more than anyone else.
She almost always never let me down.
She makes me smile whenever I feel down.
she cries with me and even gives me a hug.
She knows that love is more than a feeling.
She know when and when not to be responsible.
She knows I love and will love her more and more.
she laughs with me even at the corniest of things.
She personifies the meaning of forgive and forget.
she understands me even though I don't understand myself.

but she's not here yet
She may never even come.
because she is too ideal.

and i know that the real She will be an exception...


  1. she's not with you yet? oh, i know what you mean. you gotta have patience dude. even a little of it can help you. :)

  2. hehehe... actually, I'm just waiting. No need to hurry.

  3. hehehehe.. di ako inip.. malay ko nandyan lang sa tabi tabi... or nakita ko na pala pero di ko lang napansin...

    tama na muna yang kasal kasal. hehehehe. Need to be sure first kasi once in a lifetime decision yun. Kaya dapat both should be sure that they'll be really happy with each other.