Sunday, July 24, 2005

decisions, decisions, decisions

O2 Mini

This would be my target for the next 4months or so. I would need to spend my salary very wisely from now on or my other option is to apply for a credit card. A very hard decision I might add because some say I'm a big spender which I don't really feel because I don't earn big in the first place so how can I spend big, right?

Anyways, self-control is the key here, which again I lack BIG TIME. This would be one of my first short-term goals and hopefully I succeed.

Credit Card or a tight Budgeting Scheme? Hohummm.. need some advices here.


  1. apply for credit card... mas madali un... para sakin ha..

  2. madali yun para sayo kasi wala ka lagi cash on hand... este.. wala ka lagi cash period.. hehhehehe

  3. apply for a credit card, then get ur 02 mini. once you have your 02 mini, cut your credit card into half.

  4. haha magipon k n lng muna tapos sabay tayo bili sa december... ite-trade ko kc ung XDA 2 ko sa december for mini or cguro benta... bahala na! basta mini rin gusto ko para kasing matatastas ang sinulid ng pants ko sa kapal ng XDA 2 e... hehe

  5. xda mini??!!? i've heard hindi daw maganda. if you'd opt for pocket pc's, yeah .. maybe. i forgot na kung ano drawbacks ng xda mini.. my ex (chi) used to have yung xda II, he traded it for a nokia. naging prob nya dun is yung dirt na nakapasok sa unit which caused malfunctioning. try mo din tumingin ng mga reviews, it helps.

    as for sa credit card, i'd have to agree with sarah. may mga interests pa na kakambal yan and other bills na hindi mo maprepredict. you have to be careful.