Monday, July 18, 2005

the weekend that was

smashing friday
what could be a better week ender than badminton? hehehehe. The venue was badminton extreme at pasong tamo extension. It wasn't as nice as The Zone near our school but it sufficed my hunger for badminton that night... bwahahahaha... Inis lang because there was no extra space in between the courts. A step is all it takes to get to another court. In other words sobra sikip.

Alas there was only four of us who played. Cora, Donna, Ludwick and I. After the game I ate a full meal at wendy's (talk about taking back all the calories I lost playing badminton that night.) and got home around 12AM and after a few hours of netting went to sleep at around 3AM.

saturday morning madness
andrei and tin invited me to yet again badminton. Yes folks you've heard it right. Woke up at 7:30 to play badminton with tin's office mates along banawe, qc. Forgot the name of the court though. Well I could have enjoyed the game if it wasn't for one of tin's office mate. (Name need not be mentioned) Who was so arrogant! Arrgh! See he became my partner in one of the games and when my shots don't make it he murmurously complain. It was hardly noticable but still you could hear his complain. I mean why not say it to my face? Then we could have had it then and there?!?! Good thing I was just invited and kept my cool back then because I don't want to cause any commotion between tin and her officemates. (Note: I'm only complaining about a single person. The rest are A ok!)

drained saturday afternoon
after the game I went to glorietta to meet with jojo and the gang. See jojo was leaving the country and migrate I think to the states. So I meet up with them at BK in Glorietta. So after eating lunch, (Again gained all the calories I lost from the game earlier) jojo had to go to the dentist for his scheduled cleaning. So we had to wait for them at burger king. Ahhh... also they made a scarp book for jojo in which I posted a message there using my pay slip as the stationary. Anyways, we had to add some photos to the scrap book so we had it printed. So we had to wait an hour for it to be printed. So we went to food choices to wait. There I got my half hour sleep, in which I think I drooled. hehehehe.
So after an hour or so we got the photos and went back to food choices. That was the time that I remembered that I need to buy an underwear to bring to Los Banos. (more on that later) So I bought 1 at human.
So after going back to food choices we decided to go to TimeZone where pro, ludwick and donna decided to waste their time. At first I was just watching them because I don't have a TimeZone card. You see I never had a TimeZone card. Never ever had one until that day. Hehehehe.. I'm a sucker for bargain deals, and donna told me that if I had a GenTxt card I could get a P200 worth TimeZone card for Php160.00. So that's how I ended up buying one. But before that I was looking at pro and ludwick play air hockey. After their game, I asked ludwick if we could have a match. So in the middle of the game I don't know why, but the puck literally flew a few meters away from us after I hit it. Sadly we didn't find the puck afterwards but when we saw the next set of players, I knew that they found the puck, I don't want to be a sour grape but I think they hid it from us.. hehehehe.. It was also my first time to have an Initial D card. Well as an after thought, I think I will be addicted to this game.

(continuation to follow... My bed is calling me)


  1. Sure ball na to, isa ka na sa makakalaro namin sa initial d, pabilisin mo kotse mo at mag-practice mag drive, para matalo mo ko... bwahehehe

  2. eventually matatalo rin kita... hehehhe...

  3. malakas ang loob, yan ang gusto ko.. bwahehehe...

  4. hindi malakas ang loob ko... sadyang mabilis lang ako gumaling... may sharingan kasi ako e... hehehehe