Friday, July 22, 2005

the weekend that was II

it had been 4 days since my last post. Am I losing the blogger boy inside of me? Naah.. just had lots of thinking and far to short a break. A break from myself. Anyways let me continue the weekend that was which i could say started 7 days before this post.

the ride to saturday evening
so after the TimeZone event Dave and I decided to go to our final destination for the day which is Gladys depidida overnight swimming party in (I forgot), Laguna. We first hitched a ride in Ludwick's car up to Alabang. The one thing really worth telling is that we were almost hit by a bus that overtaked us in the Skyway (Skyway - a very wide, money sucking, no traffic at that time road) inspite the fact that it could have choosen to go to the fast lane of the Skyway. Anyways, due to Ludwick's cat like reflexes (Ludz, libre mo na lang ako later before the game. hehehehe...) we managed to avoid getting squished by the bus and the railings.

So after we were dropped off at the part of Alabang where Dave and I could ride a bus going to our destination. All the way I was just singing quietly the mp3's in my mp3 player. (of course, what else could it be) Which mostly compromises of songs from Hale, Kitchie, Powerman 5000 and Greyhoundz, aahh.. also Pachelbel Canon (will add a post dedicated for this piece later on). A very mixed variety of music genres if I might say so myself.
After an hour and 3/4 we were at our target destination. It would have been later if we had followed the guide of Mark who said it was near (i forgot again) and since (the one i forgot) is more popular we almost decided to just take a jeep up to there and walk to .

drained early early morning sunday
After meeting the block mates of Sarah and some swimming.... err.. walking in the pool, We drank for a while where my body unwillingly shutted down while in the middle of the drinking session.

sunday goodbyes
Woke up around 9AM I think and do a little bit of walking in the pool and some videoke. At around 3AM we were packing and on our way home.

That would be the last day I think I would see Gladys, I don't know if I could say that we were that close, but we confided secrets, (which I think is a qualifier for closeness) I was sad for a bit but I think not as sad as her closer. Anyways I don't want to get very detailed and stuff so I would just like to end this with....

A thankyou and Godbless to Gladys Vasquez who would be migrating to some other part of the world. You may be far from us but do remember that friendship covers great a distance...

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